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Want a Career in Beauty?

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Thursday October 22, 201518 comments

Do you love movies like Horrible Bosses and Office Space? Most of us can sympathize with characters stuck in jobs with bad managers or no opportunity to move up the ladder. 

Or maybe you don't hate your current job, but have a major expense coming up like a wedding, starting your child's university fund, or just want to have a little more financial security? Whatever your reasons, there are options out there that don't have to involve competing with high schoolers for minimum wage jobs.

One such option has been around for long enough that you probably have a set opinion about it. Maybe it's time to rethink your outdated impression of "the Mary Kay lady" and take a second look at this incredible opportunity. Have you even tried Mary Kay's products lately? I'm personally obsessed with their Ultimate Mascara and gorgeous nail lacquers.

We asked ChickAdvisor members who are current Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants for their honest opinion about this business. Some of these ladies are paying their way through university, while others are using their earnings to help others. See what five of them had to say!

Ming was looking for a more flexible job that could allow her to balance her school, career, and social life better. She needed income to support her schooling so she turned to Mary Kay. Working only 10 hours a week, Mary Kay began to change her life by providing her with the ability to elevate her leadership skills, in addition to having "the best sisterhood on the planet!"

Ming, now a full-time Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, loves that Mary Kay is much more than an opportunity for income, but rather a company that connects with her lifestyle of God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd.

In the beginning, Mary Kay allowed Tara to afford the extras like family vacations and new sports equipment for her children. When Tara’s husband’s business failed, Tara was able to earn enough from her Mary Kay business that she and her husband could keep their family afloat. 

Mary Kay has "been a Godsend" to her family because her Mary Kay business paid the mortgage and kept them fed. Now ten years later, Tara continues to enjoy building a fantastic business as a Mary Kay Future Sales Director and loves being part of a company that allows women to build a business around their lives.

Being involved in business education for 15 years, Sherry had almost reached the top of her earning potential and realized that living paycheque to paycheque was not fitting her and her family’s needs. She was introduced to Mary Kay at a spa party.

"I have always wanted my own business but had no idea you could do a start up business for $75," Sherry enthuses. She realized that her earning potential could increase her current earnings, and loves that being part of Mary Kay also provides a network of women who support one another. She’s been advising students for years on their journey in planning out a successful future, and now at 50 years old, Sherry is finally able to envision her own.

Jaime left a high stress, time intensive career as a private technical recruiter. As a newlywed and new homeowner, she needed an income but was reluctant to go back into another stressful environment. Searching for a job that would allow her to interact with others but leave her with the flexibility that she wanted, Mary Kay was the perfect fit.

Jaime says "the supportive environment has been awesome and my Sales Director has really helped me to discover my goals and create an action plan that works for me!" 

Sandra started up her Mary Kay business when she became the sole supporter of her two children after her divorce. 

"I wanted to supplement my income to help them with their education," says Sandra. "Even though my children are grown now, I still love being a Mary Kay consultant [and] plan to use it to supplement my income once I retire."

Sandra loves using Mary Kay products for herself, and buying them at cost is a fantastic perk!

Have you ever considered becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant? What would you use the extra income toward? Let us know in the comments, and if you'd like more information on joining the Mary Kay team, be sure to check out their website!
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on April 18, 2017  Tpynn  3,153 said:

I looked into getting into Mary Kay while I was on maternity leave but I didn't end up doing it because it's not the right career path for me.

on March 16, 2016  kristinasimpson90  8,179 said:

Such a cool gig if you can make it work!

on February 11, 2016  alice said:

i would like to start that busness what do i need?

on January 18, 2016  Justina said:

how do I become a Mary Kay beauty representative

on January 04, 2016  jmca  8,913 said:

I once sold Avon and tried it for months. I just couldn't keep up with it because even I found myself pushy...and I can't stand that.

on December 12, 2015  Skye_Ann  2,191 said:

I've always considered doing a job like Avon repping or Mary Kay but I honestly don't have the drive to get out there and sell products. I HATE when sales ladies are pushy (and I find that's the case with a lot of beauty representatives) and I couldn't do that to anyone else.
I'm glad it works for some people though!

on December 01, 2015  Christine Ransom said:

Christine Ransom says "Mary Kay Canada - You make me so proud to be a part of this incredible company of impacting women's lives, daily! Thanks for sharing the enlightening ways you showcase full-time right through casual opportunities to discover what we love about our Mary Kay! Here's to discovering what you love... Why not Join us!

on November 22, 2015  almaz said:

I would like to start this business whaat should I do or who should I contact.


on November 21, 2015  Cheryl said:

How do I become a Mary Kay Rep?


on November 19, 2015  Sandra said:

I really enjoy the sisterhood Mary Kay business opportunities provides. We are all working toward a common goal - enriching the lives of women around us, helping our families financially as well. Great business.

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