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We Love Fridays: Super Cool Customized Shoes

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday July 19, 201312 comments

How many times have you gone into a shoe store and completely fallen in love with a pair shoes? Only, there's just like one itty bitty detail that you cannot stand. Maybe the heel is just an inch too high or (ugh!) if only it was a closed toe and not a peep toe! 

Enter in shoesofprey.com, a customized shoe design site that allows you to choose a basic design and then mix, match, pick and choose details and additions. With different colours and materials, the possibilities seem endless. Plus, it's so simple and fun to use. 
Step 1: Choose Design

Step 2: Choose colours, materials and all the details in between

Here are a few designs created by members that you can actually buy: 

1. Party Heels (C$179.00)

2. Wedge Heels (C$189.00)
3. Flat Oxfords (C$129.00)

4. Heels (C$239.00)

5. Heeled Sandals (C$199.00)

It's a bit on the pricey side, but for a pair of heels or flats that is totally unique, to your style and that you are guaranteed to L-O-V-E, I think it's worth it. 

Would you use a service like this? 
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on October 09, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

That's sooo cool because then they'd be YOUR own shoe because no one else would have them! What an awesome idea, I love shoes!

on November 15, 2013  mysticaleyez  6,820 said:

That's amazing!! I would love to design my own shoes!

on November 15, 2013  grannychanny  1,593 said:

HOLY ^&%$ I just found this article about making my own shoes I could be a designer how cool is this........

on August 02, 2013  nscott84  4,013 said:

Lord, this article is going to get me into so much trouble lol.

on July 26, 2013  Creamsicle  45 said:

xhiza1994 - the website is: shoesofprey.com.

Looks like so much fun and how awesome to have your own shoe that no one else can!

on July 22, 2013  layalxo  2,543 said:

I think I like #1 best. They are different styles, but I like different in some cases.

on July 21, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

They cost way to much for me, but it would be fun to design a few.

on July 20, 2013  xhiao1994  9,828 said:

omg! for s shoe lover like me, its a yes! yes, i will marry those shoes. HAHAHA! anyway, what website is that?

on July 19, 2013  flower  4,433 said:


on July 19, 2013  fredamans  11,636 said:

Sounds like a site for me. I'm a shoe whore!

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