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Yay or Nay: Elle Fanning wears Prada at Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere

Posted by Nicole | Monday November 19, 201283 comments

One of our major pet peeves is when young, bright Hollywood actresses dress way older than their age. Whether it's a dowdy grannie look (a la T.Swift) or a too sexy, baring all look (a la Miley Cyrus), we like it best when our favourite leading ladies dress age and event appropriate. So, we were happy to see that Elle Fanning was attempting a cute, youthful and feminine outfit and makeup for the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2). The only downside is, she didn't quite succeed. 

Dressed head to toe in Prada, Elle wore a pale pink dress that gave an unflattering shape to her body. The dress has some sort of a peplum effect; if you can call it that, because the waist was dropped and undefined. Between that and the loose hanging back and that weird ribbon action happening, it just doesn't work.

While the dress is pretty bad, my biggest concern with this outfit is the choice of platform wedged sandals. What, is going on down there, Elle? Did you sprain your ankle? Are those some sort of medical supply store shoe? We get that it's Prada Elle, but that doesn't mean it's nice. Sorry babe, but you're officially a fashion victim. 

What are your thoughts on her pale pink Prada outfit? Leave a comment below with your yay or nay vote to win a prize! 

(images from tomandlorenzo.com, redcarpet-fashionawards.com)
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on November 21, 2012  Vivid  1,738 said:

nay - the shoes are awful and so is the dress thing

on November 21, 2012  Huskyfrompluto  2,153 said:

OMG Horrible! NAY! Those shoes push this outfit from just "bad" to "omg where's my barf bucket?!"

on November 21, 2012  lucy-o said:

ug.ly. i don't know if anyone could make this get-up look good. she doesn't even appear to have had a mani or pedi. sloppy, shapeless, unfortunate. her makeup's pretty, though. epic nay.

on November 21, 2012  Guppy  2,819 said:

Ewww. The dress looks like some waitress apron gone horribly wrong! And those shoes are a la Frankenstein in my opinion.

on November 21, 2012  domips  2,015 said:

nay! and those shoes! barf!

on November 21, 2012  mailgirl  323 said:

Just plain ugly looking dress and shoes. NO.

on November 21, 2012  CandiceFleming  516 said:

NAY! Shoes are horrible ... remind me of spice girl platforms.

on November 21, 2012  newfiechic  5,322 said:

NAY!! The color is way too light for her and those shoes!! Don't get me started on those!

on November 21, 2012  Allie said:

Seriously!!! Fire your stylist!! WTF!!! All the money these people have and this is what you wear in public Noooooooooo!

on November 21, 2012  Cheaperbythedozen  449 said:

I like the makeup, but I hate the shoes with the dress, and I don't think the dress is very flattering.. Also, she should have touched up her roots. Nay.

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