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Yay or Nay: Miley Cyrus - Classy or Trashy?

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday July 2, 2012134 comments

Miley, Miley, Miley. I don't even know where to begin. I'm going to try and set aside my personal feelings about Miley Cyrus for this one. With all the controversy surrounding pretty much every single move she makes, it's hard to keep focused on the subject at hand: her dress. Take a gander and let's discuss it, shall we?

Here is my advice to Miley: cover up. 

I know that you're recently engaged and all Ms. Cyrus but that doesn't mean that you're an adult. While I'm not a fan of the modest Lily Collins look, I think this is a bit too far. 

My real issue is with that cut out below her bra-lette type of neckline. It takes a sexy but classy dress to trashytown. Had this been a mini dress with a low cut sweetheart neckline, it would have been a bit boring sure, but acceptable. This just looks tacky to me. 

What do you chicks think? Am I being too hard on Miley? Should she be showing off that hot bod of hers? Leave a comment by July 8th and you could win a prize!
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on July 09, 2012  Aliza  13,970 said:

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for entering our Yay or Nay Miley Cyrus Contest. This contest is now closed. Our winner is... AnnMarie! Congratulations!!

on July 08, 2012  MC.reviews  316 said:

YAY for somebody older, NAY for her... shes still to young to pull that off without looking like a hooker.

on July 08, 2012  teeslee  274 said:

the cut out makes the dress trashy

on July 08, 2012  LadyFlash  8,899 said:

Yay except for the cut out. it makes a classy dress look cheap.

on July 08, 2012  azazel  1,775 said:

nay...not terrible but not the best

on July 08, 2012  Toolie  410 said:

nay - it seems shes trying to hard to be trashy

on July 08, 2012  mamab6  325 said:

Nay. Not classy at all. She's a pretty girl but her choices are questionable.

on July 08, 2012  KaylaMM  394 said:

Yay, I think the dress is very flattering. It definitely suites her.

on July 07, 2012  roxanne said:

I think she looks fab darling!! Yes, the blonde locks suit her and she isn't a little pre-teen any more. She doesn't look cheesy or over the top sexy. Miley looks really nice.

on July 06, 2012  eflores85658  872 said:

Its Not That Trashy, But Still people say it is due to how she used to be part of a kids channel. they cant accept that she is growing up and isnt that little 13 year old girl she used to be back then. They still see her Disney Channel "Hannah Montana" phase.

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