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Ali de Bold

  Member Since:  August 31, 2006


on June 17, 2017  aldanalina  1,321 said:

Hi Ali!
I was wondering what happens when you haven't received a product and the deadline is tomorrow?
  Great Advice

on May 31, 2017  aldanalina  1,321 said:

My pleasure! I was shocked it wasn't already on the website.

PS: I'm a reference assistant at the library in my city. Contact me any time for book suggestions and more :)


on May 31, 2017  aldanalina  1,321 said:

Thank you for writing a review on my new entry "All the light we cannot see". I agree with you, I look forward to re-reading it someday. What a beautiful experience.
I'm reading The Nightingale right now, it's not the same but similar.

But the prose in All the Light We Cannot See is incomparable.


on May 19, 2017  zayna1990  754 said:

omg i just read that you're from winnipeg!!!! I'm from winnipegggg!! hi! :)

on May 15, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

there is a post in the forums called "posting reviews on Facebook/twitter" that talks about what I am looking for but I do not see it on my profile. Thank you@

on May 15, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Thank you I've done that! Just wondering if there's a place I can check to see if my review tasks were accepted by the site. Thank you for replying
  Thank You

on May 15, 2017  jessica_rafuse3  4,850 said:

So happy I found this site! Love all of your pictures :) What a fun career you have!

on May 14, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Hello and happy mothers day! Me again with a question haha.
I just did my first product review club opportunity that I was selected for. I did all the steps outlined in my email. Just wondering if there is somewhere that I can check to see if all my steps were credited? Thank you! :)

on May 04, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

You're welcome . I'm so glad I recently got into the couponing community and someone was mentioning chickadvisor. I'm sad I wasn't here sooner lol But I'm glad im here now .

on May 04, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Thank you for accepting my request ☺

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