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Ali de Bold

  Member Since:  August 31, 2006


on May 04, 2017  R3Bean  17,987 said:

Love this site. Thanks for the new addiction.. :)
What a great job you have.. Some much fun and meeting great new people. I love Chick chat ..
Thank you for the great perks for Premium ChickAdvisor. :)

on May 04, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

I've only been on here for a month andI really enjoy it! So nice to find out about products and I got my first package from you guys on Monday! The fact that everyone is so friendly here is awesome as well

on May 04, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Thank you so much for the response! I love this site so much and would like to have it easier to use on a mobile device. Maybe the app could be optional! But either way I am very excited and can't wait to hear the news on this! And if Premium memberships do open up again please let us know it sounds very exciting
  Great Advice

on May 04, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

I am also wondering if Premium memberships will open back up! Thank you!
  Thank You

on May 04, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Hello! Is there any possibility in the future of a Chick Advisor app?
  Thank You

on May 04, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

Thank you so much for creating a brilliant site for women. A one stop shop for any review we may be looking for . Nothing worse than purchasing a product without an prior reviews /knowledge and being disappointed in the product . Now we don't have to worry about it . I think I might be addicted to this site lol I'm on it all day as of recently lol

on May 03, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

I got my email after! Thank you very much for the response

on May 02, 2017  HeatherLR  14,125 said:

Can you help me with questions I have about the first box of products I've recieved? Thank you!!

on April 16, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

Happy Easter to you as well. If you ever need volunteers for some videos let me know! I'd be happy to volunteer! :)

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

I love the videos you post on Facebook all the time. I am in love with this site and all the reviews and such. So excited to see where it goes!

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