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Ali de Bold

  Member Since:  August 31, 2006


on March 31, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

A sincere thank you to yourself, your husband and all the staff at CA!
(I am thankful that I stumbled upon this site while googling a facial moisturizer)

I have fallen in love with this site! I have learned so much in a short amount of time, from the obvious of product reviews, to past blogs on DIY, tutorials, careers etc, to the community forums. I have met some great women whom I consider friends, and feel part of a close knit community of individuals who share similar passions as I have.

Lastly, I am honored to join in the premium membership, ChickAdvisor's is a company I want to be a part of and look forward to remaining a loyal member in the years to come!

ps.. I love love love the older blog posts and am hoping there may be more in the future :)
  Thank You

on March 29, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Yaaaaaay!!!!!! ChickAdvisor sure knows how to get a girls heart pumping, haha! More freebies for us Premium Members, I am beyond stoked! Thank you for ALL that you do, it certainly does not go unnoticed. Have a fabulous Wednesday!
  Thank You

on March 08, 2017  samanthamilner  6,082 said:

Chick Advisor is an absolutely amazing site! Such a great community, I have fallen in love with it ! It's so great to be able to review products that i love or did't quite like, give an honest opinion, and not be judged! I have told all my friends about this site, telling them they MUST join ! Thank you for creating this site :)

on January 29, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

I have fallen completely in love with this site!!! Everyone is so welcoming, the community feel is amazing. Thank you for all you do!! ❤
  Thank You

on October 25, 2016  sandhur  29,100 said:

It was really nice meeting you on Sunday at the Vancouver showcase. I would've told you in person, but it just slipped out of my head, that blue ribbon apple pie recipe you posted in 2009, is delicious! Everyone loved the pie! I will be making it again soon.
  Thank You

on August 10, 2016  sandrusia  46,067 said:

same :)
I agree thank you for creating a community of like minded women that can take a few moments each day and review various products they try , buy, have in this own homes...and also enjoy reading the reviews from other consumers and see the pros and cons!!

Your website is genius!!

I am mad I didn't come up with it before you ;) hee hee

Honestly, congratulations on such a brilliant idea!
This is WHAT women want.
A place to turn to , to read reviews, post topics, engage in conversations, seek advice, make new friends, and most of all give back to a community!!

Honestly looking forward to the next 10 years AND beyond ;)

HAPPY AUGUST and enjoy the beautiful hot sunny weather Toronto has been blessed with this year!!!

on July 05, 2016  fall  26,212 said:

I checked out my old gift card and still have 10 dollars on it from the last time I won, my apologies, it says it was activated May 1st, 2016. I think since you tried to load on it, it didn't work and that's why I didn't received any notifications and didn't receive the gift card if you guys tried to use the old card I had. Sorry for the convenience.

on July 05, 2016  fall  26,212 said:

Alright thanks, no I haven't received one yet.

on July 05, 2016  fall  26,212 said:

Hello I wanted to thank you for the vichy products, I will be doing my reviews. Also I was wondering if the top 10 received the gift cards already, I just wanted to ask because I was on the top 10 last month. Thank you.

on June 08, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

Hi! Love the site! I've sent a friends request here
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