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  Member Since:  April 14, 2010
So I've been a member on here for a while but I've never actually taken the time to do much on the site. Today (9/25/2010) I decided to actually be more active on here because it really is a cool site. I hope to make a lot of friends and share with all of you my views on the products I use =]

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2021-04-12 19:19:28

November 18, 2011 

Thanks Kayvona, I hope your having a nice day and its not to cold where your at. Its freezing here we even had some snow yesterday and anything that had water sitting in it was frozen over this morning. I hate winter and even thought its hasn't even got started yet, I can't wait for it to be over with! Have a great day!
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2021-04-12 19:19:28

November 11, 2011 

Morning Kayvona

I just wanted to let you know why it took me so long to approve you as a
friend and to say I'm sorry. I only just saw you in my request list today when I got another request from Anabel. I know we get
email's telling us that someone wants to be friends, unfortunately my
husband shares my addy with me. Sometimes he deletes things before I can
read them and that must be what he did with the email request I was
sent from you. I also had a request from Emily that I've only just seen
today too. I feel so bad for missing the both of you, I don't even know
how long it bin, but I hope I didn't hurt your feeling and you can understand what happened and that you still would like to be friends. Sorry again Kayvona!
Have a nive day.

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