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  Member Since:  September 17, 2016
Hi Everyone!!! :D

My name is Kelsey and Im from Saskatchewan, Canada!!! I love to workout daily and eat healthy! I Love purses, clothes, hair/makeup and skin products. I have a great family, husband and son.

10 years ago I graduated from Marca College as a Hairdresser and went on too get my Certificate as an Esthetician/Makeup Artist. I have worked in the field and I love it!!! I also obtained my Certificate in Funeral Service/Embalming 5 years ago. Yup! Im a Jack of all trades!! and I Love it! :)

I also LOVE Skin Care items!! Especially Creams, Serums, Masks and Exfoliators!! Im also a sucker for a good skin peel!!

My go to makeup items are Foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara, Bronzer/Blush, Lipstick (Light or Nude shades) and Eyeshadow. You will never see me leave the house without those on lol.

Im also OBSESSED with Organic/Natural/Plant Based Product lines and anything that has too do with making the earth and body less toxic. :D

**"If you can't pronounce it, you probably shouldn't wear it"** ...

My favourite natural eco-friendly household line so far is Method. Love Love their products.

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2018-12-17 07:15:12

December 11, 2018 

Thank you for the add, enjoy reading your bio.

2018-12-17 07:15:12

February 09, 2018 

Hi Kelx!

Just sent you an important message through Instagram - please check your messages! :)


2018-12-17 07:15:12

August 10, 2017 

Lol Teddy the pig!!!

2018-12-17 07:15:12

July 11, 2017 

Hi Hope you are having a great day. Sent you a message on Facebook.

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 28, 2017 

Hello just wanted to say hello. Having fun seeing how long everyone has been a member. While I was here I read a few of your review. You are a great reviewers. I must read some more. Enjoy whatever it is you do today.
 Good Writer

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 26, 2017 

I just seen your pic comments you left me , so thanks :) my glasses aren't even prescription haha

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 19, 2017 

Thanks for the suggestion!
 Great Advice

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 08, 2017 

Sweet! Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to see if I can find myself some this weekend :)

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 07, 2017 

Hey girl! What type of dandelion tea would you suggest? Everything I'm seeing is root and that's gross ha ha ha

2018-12-17 07:15:12

June 02, 2017 

Thx Kelx. Am really enjoying ChickAdvisor. Thx for accepting my friend request. Have a good weekend.