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  Member Since:  September 23, 2018
Busy mom, but loving it. I love make up and making jewelry.

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2019-05-25 16:07:50

May 14, 2019 

Hi there Shannon2434 😃
Hoping all is well with you!!
Let me introduce myself, *(that is, if you don't mind).*
I've been a member of the #ChickAdvisorPRC now, for a few years, & I'm trying to learn as much as I can, by getting to know, more of the 🚺 ladies / members!!
Your very active in this community,
(which is *outstanding,* & kind of intimidating too, (LOL)!!*
"I have a great deal of respect for 'You,' and, *all of your contributions that you've made to this product review club!!"
"I'm still learning my way around,
& hope to learn more, from a beautiful soul, like you!!"
Forgive my *rant, as I'm a 53 year old woman, with 3 adult kids, & 4 Grandkids!! (how blessed I am)
I would very much like to add you as a friend & hope that you accept!
Thank you, ever so kindly.
Warm regards,
Tracy-Lee 🌷
 Great Taste

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 11, 2018 

Thanks so much for the Chickadvisor friend request. Good Luck for new campaigns and happy reviewing

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 11, 2018 

You're very welcome Shannon

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 09, 2018 

Thanks so much!
 Thank You

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 07, 2018 

Love your reviews too!!!!!

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 07, 2018 

Thank you so much! I haven’t been here in awhile, nice to be back!
 Thank You

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 07, 2018 

Thanks for the friend request!!

2019-05-25 16:07:50

December 06, 2018 

Hey girl, keep up the great reviews
And thanks for adding me
 Thank You