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5 Sad Ways Celebrities Have Shaped My Personal Style

Posted by Nora | Wednesday July 20, 201111 comments

I grew up in an advertising family, which some may think raised me to be impervious to the influence of marketing. But au contraire, mes amies. I am highly susceptible to the sway of infomercials, commercials, print advertisements and billboards alike, but glitter of celebrity holds a special power over me.

Sometimes the results are an improvement, like when I ask myself "What Would Carolyn Bessette Kennedy Wear?"

Sometimes, not so much:

Drew Barrymore: When Drew Barrymore was on the cover of Seventeen magazine with her Sharpie'd on eyebrows and red hair, I bought my first bottle of hair dye at Walgreens. It was surprisingly unflattering, given that I fully expected a complete transformation to come out of that smelly bottle.

Britney Spears: Who else but the princess of pop could inspire my friends and I that our belly buttons would not be complete until they were pierced and filled with gaudy gems, transforming us into a league of "sexy" teenage Treasure Trolls? Nobody! It had to be Britney!

Christina Aguilera: It was my high school sweethearts dance when I was inspired to appeal to (read: desperately fit into) my boyfriend's love of Christina Aguilera with a trip to the MAC counter and a blank check. The result: teenage tranny.

Little House on the Prairie: SOUND THE COOL ALARM NOW! I didn't watch a LOT of TV as a kid, but I loved Little House on the Prairie. For my first communion, I asked my sister to curl my hair just like Nellie's. Because of course you should model yourself after the biggest little b*tch on family television on the same day you are entering into one of the seven sacraments.

Scarlett Johanssen: We can't totally blame Scarlett for this one, but any time she smokes in a movie, I have to fight the impulse to buy a pack of cigarettes. Usually, I wasn't much for fighting. Now, no matter how good she looks, I fight that impulse like a drunk frat boy fights a stranger who looked at him funny at bar close.

Who are your (regrettable) celebrity influencers?
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on July 20, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I'm dying laughing at the last two comments!

on July 20, 2011  Bjorn's Lapakko said:

I had a Zack Morris hair style in grade school and tried to dress like Bill Bellamy. As a result, I didn't have a girlfriend until junior year of High School.

on July 20, 2011  chrismay sikora said:

In college sure I needed a haircut like Winona Rider :

I walked into the stylist's shop with nearly waist-long, curly hair and walked out with a pixie cut.
Unfortunately, my curls did not get the memo that I wanted to look like Ms. Rider and no amount of product would convince them to tame themselves.
My dad summed it up the best, "Why'd you do that? You look like an albino african-american boy"

on July 20, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I completely understand the curls. I went to sleep with hot pink curlers in my hair almost every night so I could go to school with wicked awesome lion hair. However, the corn rows Nora? I don't know. Is that really Christina Aguilera's fault?

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