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5 Tips Nail Newbies (and Mavens) Need To Know + Spoiler!!

Posted by Claire | Tuesday September 15, 201561 comments

Put your hand up if you've avoided gels, acrylics, or other nail treatments because of concerns you have about your nail health.  I'll join you!

Yes, I am a specialty nail treatment virgin because I've heard too many stories of weakened, flaking nails that look absolutely awful when the polish comes off. My nails aren't the strongest to begin with so I have always chosen simple manicures with familiar products.

However, as a busy mom and working professional, I don't get manicures as often as I'd like. I just don't have time to sit for 30-40 minutes under a nail dryer only to smudge my polish when pulling out my wallet to pay the bill!

I'd love to pamper myself a little more regularly (who wouldn't!), and I recently learned from the Shellac™ brand team that one reason some women experience problems with their specialty nail finishes is because the products are applied incorrectly or mixed with other brands that are not compatible with Shellac™. Newsflash: Shellac is a brand, not a technique, so if you're getting a Shellac™ manicure and your tech isn't using Shellac™ for base, colour, and top coats, guess what? It's not a Shellac™ manicure, girlfriend.

Shellac™ has developed a trio of informational videos that explain the Shellac manicure from application to safe removal. Want to know more?

Video #1:  The Quick-Dry Test

Video #2: 14-Day Wear

Video #3: Removal Results

SPOILER ALERT! We will be announcing a Product Review Club offer very soon featuring Shellac™! We are so excited to bring this opportunity to you, but you will need to do your homework. Please watch the videos mentioned above because we'll be asking you a question about them in our qualification survey. Are you ready to #TryShellac?

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on December 09, 2018  Starzz  496 said:

I am excited to try this product

on October 31, 2015  dmichelle73 said:

I love having manicures and love trying new colours and products for nails. I would love to try CND Shallac. I love a good nail polish that is smooth, doesn't chip and stays shinny.

on October 30, 2015  S ch  1,228 said:

Awesome colors I love the red one as we are inwwinter ans we are in winter and we need warm colors like red and dark brown ,it dries quickly .

on October 18, 2015  Hercorporatestyle  248 said:

OMG..I need this product. My nail polish chips after 1 day of wear. I so need to get my hands on this. I would do my nails more often for sure.....I"m sold!

on October 18, 2015  debrick1  279 said:

I wonder if this product would stand up to my job . I drive gravel truck and deal with sand concrete and gravel every day . Right now I do not wear polish as I would have to redo it every day

on October 17, 2015  jessipickle  5,464 said:

I'd love to #try shellac looks gorgeous! Salon look at home is the ultimate dream

on September 30, 2015  xiao shan  158 said:

I would like to try it !!

on September 24, 2015  clare123  333 said:

Would love to try this amazing product , love the no drying time

on September 24, 2015  Pauline Eberlein  252 said:

I would love to try this! I dont want to have my nails done at a salon and have issues with polish not lasting long enough. I have unsightly nails with ridges and my nails break easily. I believe this product would be great for me!

on September 23, 2015  mirroreffect  1,287 said:

I have never been able to keep nail polish on my nails for more than 2 days, so this would be rather interesting to test out

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