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Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday January 6, 201210 comments

As everybody knows, Marilyn Monroe was one of the sexiest women of our time. However, in seeing My Week With Marilyn, I discovered that there was so much more to her. 

The film centers around the time Marilyn spent in the United Kingdom filming the movie 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. The movie is actually based on the diaries of Colin Clark, who as a young man, worked as an asisstant on the set. 

Oddly enough, Colin and Marilyn become friends and have a brief affair. He gets sucked into the trainwreck of Marilyn's life and throughout the movie, you definitely do as well.  It was a real eye opener to see the 'behind the scenes' lifestyle of the blonde bombshell of movies like 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' and 'Some Like It Hot'. You'd think someone as beautiful as Marilyn would have no insecurities whatsoever, but as you discover, it was anything but. 

The real stand out in this film is Michelle Williams who plays Marilyn Monroe. She is breathtaking as Marilyn, you completely forget that you are watching her and not Marilyn Monroe. She nails Marilyn's mannerisms and acting perfectly (i.e. Oscar buzz, people!!!). Kenneth Branagh who plays Laurence Olivier (who was opposite Marilyn in 'The Prince and the Showgirl') is excellent as well. Watch out for our style crush Emma Watson who has a small role as a wardrobe assistant.  I would have loved to have seen more of her in this! 

I saw this film with a girlfriend of mine and I'm recommending that's how you see it too! It may not be the light hearted movie you had in mind, but the brief moments of comedic relief and of course, the gorgeous 50's styles definitely won't leave you on a down note. After watching this, I am officially on a Marilyn binge and I am sure you will be too.  Here's a little something to start you off! 
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on January 09, 2012  Suelyn  2,249 said:

Can't wait to see this movie.

on January 09, 2012  mamaluv  STAFF said:

This movie is on my radar too! Too bad the hubby would rather watch guns and fighting, which is why we went to Mission Impossible over the weekend instead of MWWM.

on January 07, 2012  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

I really want to see this! Michelle Williams looks stunning!

on January 06, 2012  Bren  25,776 said:

I really want to see this one... Ive always been a fan of Marilyns

on January 06, 2012  Aliza  13,970 said:

Can't wait to see this!!

on January 06, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

There are SO many good movies coming out now.....I can't wait to see this!

on January 06, 2012  shellsbells85  3,580 said:

Ive been dying to see this!!! I admire her so much and often find myself wrapped up reading a lot about her quotes she had said back in the day. I usually dont care so much for Michelle Williams as an actress, but from previews of this movie, my view just mind change, we shall see!! ;)

on January 06, 2012  stelltimom  665 said:

Michelle Williams has take Marilyn Monroe to another level. Wow is all I can say. From beginning to end you are rapt with interest in the life that was Marilyn Monroe-she was truly an amazing lady.

on January 06, 2012  AlexJC  50 said:

Before I went, my friend and I were in the mood for something light and funny but I am so glad we saw this one- Michelle Williams is amazing!

on January 06, 2012  The Fashion P.A.  1,255 said:

I want to see this movie soo bad!!!

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