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10 Jaw Dropping Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday October 26, 201215 comments

The Internet is a wonderful place, is it not? I love it. One of my favourite sites is, of course, YouTube. Nora wrote a great article a while back on all the things she's learned via YouTube and it comes to mind whenever I stumble upon some amazing new factoid via the web. When Halloween rolls around, YouTube becomes my go-to place for ideas and tutorials. If you do a bit of digging, you'll find some really incredible videos of talented people creating amazing looks. This Halloween, we looked around the web and chose 10 video tutorials for creative and inspiring Halloween costumes that we couldn't stop watching. 

1. Emily of Corpse Bride by Dope2111

2. Mystique of X-Men by Emma Pickles

3. Cat Mask by BeautifulYouTV

4. Vincent Van Gogh by goldiestarling

5. Effie Trinket of The Hunger Games by Birchboxtv

6. Marilyn Monroe by LisaEldridgedotcom

7. Queen of Hearts of Alice In Wonderland by kandeejohnson

8. Comic Book by destinygodley

9. Snow Queen by petrilude 

10. Sugar Skull by pplcallmefish

Be sure to check out each of these channels, too. Many of the makeup gurus have a whole arsenal of Halloween-y looks (ranging from sweet to sacry!) Which one of these videos is your favourite? Would you try any of these?
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on March 17, 2016  Caro9  23,688 said:

Quels beaux maquillages, surtout de chats. WOW

on September 18, 2015  Cupcake  24,317 said:

Really cool & very talented

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,970 said:

Some of these looks are amazing - the detail on the cat makeup is oustanding

on December 08, 2014  Onimiki  3,409 said:


on July 18, 2014  Lexus36  1,345 said:

Cool makeup :)

on November 01, 2012  Racenhawk  2,689 said:

Thanks for all the ideas

on October 30, 2012  DawnMackie  3,667 said:

Cool love the comic one!!!

on October 30, 2012  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

Wow! I would love to be able to do something like that! How amazing!

on October 29, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

These are all really good, the first one looks really well done but it looks weird when her eyes are open so its kind of impractical, even for Halloween.

on October 27, 2012  Bren  25,776 said:

The Vincent Van Gogh one is my favorite its so artistic and a very different costume...I enjoyed watching these thank you for posting Alex :)

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