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8 Fall Mood-Boosters

Posted by Ali | Monday October 13, 201416 comments
Fall Mood-BoostersCan I get a show of hands: how many of you are not into Fall?  As soon as the geese start flying south, I have to ramp myself up for it.  Mental pep-talks, self-given  incentives: trips booked now for the thick of winter, new outdoor floral arrangements (so I can pretend I’m into it) and sometimes even home redecorating.  Yes. I have to bribe myself to get through it. 

Sure the changing leaves are pretty, but then they fall off and what am I left with?  Extra yard work.  I know this sounds very un-Canadian especially for a gal born in Winnipeg, but I do not Winter well.

Thankfully, being the optimist I am, I always try to look on the bright side.  And by bright side, I mean new creature comforts that help me feel like, “you can do this, Ali!”
Fall Mood Boosters
New throw pillows
There is no such thing as too many throw pillows or in my case, too many covers.  I love going to fabric stores and picking out just enough for 2 pillows and switching them up to suit the season. In summer I like bright, vibrant colours.  In winter I crave soothing tones, soft textures and a pop of colour.  Yellow is my happy colour.

Hot Tea and Cool Mugs
I just love a well-designed mug.  DAVIDsTEA always has fun seasonal mugs and tea cups that are just as fun to gift as add to your own collection.  Who doesn’t want a mug with a gift card tucked inside?  A mug plus a $10 gift card is less than $35 and it’s super thoughtful.  And Canadian!

And on that note, DAVIDsTEA's fall tea collection is like a box of chocolates without the guilt.  Pumpkin Chai, Yes We Cran, Maple Sugar, Snickerdoodle and Sweet Apple Cider… I mean…
Fall Mood Boosters
New Book
I don’t get to read very often now that I have two small kids but I recently read The Rosie Project and fell in love.  There are enough giggles to keep anyone’s spirits up and the protagonist is a Nerd. I love Nerds.

Scented Candles
The Pumpkin Tea candle from DAVIDsTEA is so pleasant, even my husband likes it.  Also a great gift idea for the friend that has been burning the midnight oil.  You could say,  “here’s something more pleasant to burn”.  (Stop! Too much?)

I love Manitobah Mukluks slippers.  Warm, pillowy hugs for your feet.
Fall Mood Boosters
Thick warm sweaters (without acrylic, the cheap sweater cousin of polyester)
If it was up to me, acrylic and polyester blends would be verboten.  Cotton, wool, cashmere or any combination thereof is the only way to go.  Ideally we could all afford one of these amazing Monogrammed Burberry Capes.  But probably this is closer to what we can afford.

Rudsak Coat
Sexy Canadian.  I can do a little bit of Winter if I get to be a badass in something like this.

Not to sound all Gwyneth Paltrow but science has proven the mood-boosting effects of exercise. If I didn’t have my trainer come to my door every week I wouldn’t find the time to work out.  Some people like to jog, but I like to punch my trainer with boxing gloves.  Also, I like the pain the day after that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

What do you do to boost your mood in the Fall?
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on October 08, 2015  stratts  1,202 said:

Fall is actually my favourite season. Not too hot and mostly no humidity. I love the colours of fall and yes I agree that it gets you into a cozy mood. I'm canning, and also cooking and baking. I love halloween and love to get into the spirit by decorating and getting all my treats ready for my trick or treaters. I'm not a fan of winter so i'm hoping that we have a long fall season.

on July 12, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

I love this article and I love Fall! I will have to keep these tips in mind for wen fall comes :) I pretty much have everything in this article but who says I can't stock up on more candles? I could never have enough candles. Especially fall scented ones, like warm apple pie.

on June 12, 2015  LFMini  1,135 said:

Hot drinks, snuggly blankets, candles and a good book by the fire!

on May 04, 2015  11kalf  15,985 said:

Yes, cool mugs! I swear every tea tastes better when it's housed in a fun mug

on December 05, 2014  Onimiki  3,409 said:

I love everything on this list

on November 20, 2014  glumbumble  10,038 said:

I absolutely love the look of those tea mugs, but no way would I ever pay $20 for a single mug. I also loved the shag-like pillow that's shown in the same picture, but I'm sure that's well above my price range as well since everything else advertised here is way over my budget. Those slippers do look very comfy though. But I'm sure it's just as good as those memory foam fuzzy slippers I can get at Walmart for under $20. I'll also stick with my acrylic sweaters which are very soft and cheap. $75 is too much money on a very simple and plain sweater. What boosts my mood in the fall is buying lovely things for me, my husband and my home for a very reasonable price.

on November 01, 2014  jmca  9,245 said:

New linen and new pjs too

on October 29, 2014  earthangelll  515 said:

I tend to get down in the Fall soo I love to make sauces and Chilli Con Carne.. have warm scented candles, slippers and a mug of something hot! Love the capes . pretty!!

on October 26, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

I love that Burberry cape!

on October 24, 2014  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

@TashaCat, your house sounds so inviting with those extra touches! Now I'm inspired to do the same with the soaps and the throws. Great tips!

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