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#BeautyTalk: I Hide This Beauty Routine from the BF - What Do You Keep Secret? (Comment to Win!)

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday January 20, 201436 comments

After dating for a while, the next logical step is to consider moving in together. At least that's where I am at with the current dude in my life. When the subject was first brought up, I was excited. I mean, my boyfriend is a pretty ok guy (I like him enough, I guess) and this felt like a real grown up step for the lady who once stated that her relationships almost never lasted longer than a bag of milk. Then I started really breaking this idea down. After the honeymoon phase, what would it actually be like to live with a BF? 

I could deal with my toilet seat being in a permanent up position and I could deal with him TURNING ON FAUCETS AND WALKING AWAY, but with one thing that scared me? He'd find out my deep dark secret beauty routine: bleaching. 

Like all ladies, I have a very small amount of hair on my upper lip. Not so much that it requires waxing or lasering but there's a little peach fuzz that a 10 year old boy about to hit puberty might be proud of. I don't like the way it looks and so to make myself feel better, I bleach it. 

My boyfriend doesn't know and I don't want him to. I prefer to keep a little mystery to my good looks. I don't want to destroy the romance and I like to think I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. If we do end up moving in together, I might end up waking up at 5 am every morning to get some alone time in the bathroom, but at least my beauty secret will be safe.

So now, I'm turning it to you chicks: is there a beauty routine you do in secret away from your significant other? Is there something you've been keeping from them? How do you hide it? Or, have you ever been found out? 

Leave a comment below and you could win a prize pack worth C$35.00 full of awesome skincare and makeup goodies. OR tweet us @chickadvisor with the hashtag #BeautyTalk with your answer to enter to win! 
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on March 03, 2014  joblackheart  638 said:

Yup, waxing my lip. You would think that after 20 yrs I wouldn't be shy about it but there you go.

on March 03, 2014  AlexJC  50 said:

Hey guys, thanks for playing with us! This contest is closed. The winner is.... Shaunah!

on February 06, 2014  claudiach  334 said:

there is always time and place to keep the mistery ...

on February 01, 2014  mmirandalaurenn  573 said:

Putting on a mask at night...um no.

on January 29, 2014  AlexJC  50 said:

@patricia he says he's "warming up the water".... you have no idea how irritating it is

@Shaunah for a while I didn't use masks around him either but then I was spending a lot of nights with him and my skincare routine was totally failing so I said - meh and started doing them haha

on January 29, 2014  Shaunah  5,279 said:

I used to hide face masks, but gave up on that after 4 years of living together. I still get a look every time I step out in one, but no need to hide anymore!

on January 27, 2014  Patricia  6,845 said:

He turns on the faucet and walks away!!?? That would drive me nuts! I just close the bathroom door and carry on with whatever I need to do... he doesn't usually walk in on me. He knows he doesn't want to see what is going on! lol

on January 26, 2014  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

I don't really have a secret beauty routine, he's seen it all! After him being in the delivery room I figure the honeymoon is over lol!

on January 25, 2014  Gitty99  5,558 said:

My hubby has never seen me wax my legs, he seems to think I was just born with smooth legs...I wish!

on January 24, 2014  Racenhawk  2,704 said:

My beauty routines are private, the boyfriend doesn't see it

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