Contests and Prizes: October 15 - 21

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday October 15, 201229 comments

I've mentioned this before, but Halloween is probably my favourite holiday. Well, alright, I have a lot of favourite holidays and Halloween is definitely in the top 5. I'm already in the Halloween spirit! By that, I mean I have purchased a bag of fun size chocolates. But seriously, there is no holiday that is more fun than Halloween. So with that in mind, I wanted to make sure that all you chicks were feeling the Hallospirit too! Which is why this week, we have too boo-tiful Halloween themed prize packs to be won! 

What's in these prize packs you ask?
Broadway Nails Impress Halloween Press-On Manicure (C$9.89), Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Polished Stone (C$7.50)

Kiss Nail Dress Halloween Limited Edition (C$9.89), Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Lime (C$7.50)

So, how can you win one of these fab prize packs? Simply enter in the contests below by clicking the links (in pink). You'll be redirected to the prize pages where you can follow the directions on how to be entered. 

Yay or Nay: What's your opinion of Christina Hendricks and her leather dress? Boring and blah or fun and funky? 

Review of the Week: Review your favourite lipstick and you could win! 
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on October 23, 2012  Leigh W said:

I love the nails !

on October 20, 2012  Buffywannabe  370 said:

If chosen I would pick prize pack #2. Limited edition is the way to go with the nails. Thanks

on October 19, 2012  Liana Pitel said:

Luv contests. I like them both.

on October 18, 2012  flower  4,418 said:

I like prize pack #1

on October 18, 2012  Rosemary  2,124 said:

prize pack 2 looks awesome,would love to win this

on October 18, 2012  jacinthe  1,853 said:

No. 1 !!!

on October 18, 2012  Judy LaBarge said:

Yay,for #2,Getting freaky with it.

on October 17, 2012  Racenhawk  2,604 said:


on October 17, 2012  mommaluc  255 said:

I love them all. I really what to win. I am always trying new designs

on October 17, 2012  dicicco  2,313 said:

number 1 forsure

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