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Cover Girl Battle: Dakota '50 Shades' Johnson vs. Miley 'No Brows' Cyrus vs. Kristen 'No Smile' Stewart + Comment to Win!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday February 17, 201449 comments

This week, there were three magazine covers that caught my eye, each for different reasons. Dakota Johnson graced Elle and yeah, I know what you're thinking - who? While Miley bared all, like ALL for W and lastly, Kristen Stewart scowled on Marie Claire. Obviously, we need to discuss this. 

We broke each cover down for it's pros and cons and we need your input. Let us know which cover you love/hate/love to hate and why. When you do, you'll be entered to win a prize pack worth C$35.00! Sweet!

Dakota Johnson 

Not recognizing this name? Dakota may not be a household name… yet. She's snagged the part of Anastasia Steele in the upcoming and much anticipated film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. For an actress not well known, this cover is a major get. I'm impressed with her natural look in front of the camera. As far as the clothing goes, I'm not sure if I like it. Is it just me or does it make her look a little childish? I get the whole 'innocent' thing she's going for - especially if she's playing Anastasia - but I think I would have preferred a more mature, sexy look.

(images via tomanadlorenzo.com

Miley Cyrus 

Miley 'No Brows' returns! We first broke the news about her leaked cover a little while ago and we just couldn't get past the missing brows. This editorial spread is RAUNCHY and still, we can't stop focusing on what's above her eyes, or well, what's not. Miley does seem to really be coming into her own as far as modelling goes. She's managed to make this look edgy. Still, I think we've seen enough of Miley's body lately. Put the nips away, Miles. 

(images via tomandlorenzo.com

Kristen Stewart 

Okay, first things first: the cover. Why the expression, K Stew? Has someone farted in your vicinity? Why are you so unhappy? I'm not totally in love with the clothing choices here. They seem pretty obvious to me. I want to be drawn to something unexpected not the same 'ol unhappy Stewart looking uncomfortable in unflattering couture. 

(images via tomandlorenzo.com, hawtcelebs.com

Which of these covers is your favourite/least favourite? 
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on February 20, 2014  newfiechic  5,322 said:

I didn't even know that was Miley on the cover. I don't really like it. The hair and brow colour doesn't suit her at all.

on February 19, 2014  dianehlavca  592 said:

I like Dakotas cover the best. Good to get someone new talked about. She looks good!

on February 19, 2014  Wolfie  1,383 said:

Miley's is my least favorite, she's just trashy. I always like Kristen Stewart"s photos and movies. She has a different kind of beauty that just sticks with me

on February 19, 2014  sojeles  1,571 said:

They are seriously all awful...why is no one ever smiling anymore? kristen stewart is the worst though.

on February 18, 2014  missyont  1,167 said:

I'm voting for Dakota Johnson!

on February 18, 2014  suigeneris  2,244 said:

Wow, I totally did not recognize Kristen or Miley on those covers! Based on cover alone, got to give it to Kristen, but I liked Dakota's pictures more.

on February 18, 2014  Tiadiivs  233 said:

Love Miley's! Definitely some of the best photos I've seen of her. Love the eyebrows :-)

on February 18, 2014  laurieb99  4,742 said:

I admit that I don't very much about Dakota, but I do like her photos the best, for some reason I just can't stand to look at Miley.

on February 18, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I love Dakota's pictures, but I would of loved to see something a little less innocent. Miley's pictures are raunchy, but they are also really cool. If I would of seen this somewhere, I'd honestly have no idea it was her. Almost a Lady Gaga look.Kristen's pictures are beautifully taken, but I can't stand her "one" expression. I like to look at a picture and see emotion, and this just looks like she always looks - PO'd.So I guess my favourite would be Dakota's.

on February 17, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

least favorite is Miley's

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