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Crafty DIY Ideas: Easter Egg Dying... with silk ties!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday April 4, 201211 comments

Easter is one of my favourite holidays, I think it's because there is so much fun decorating and preparation that goes into it. There's the Easter dinner with the family to cook, the chocolate to buy and of course, the eggs to dye! No matter how old I get, this will forever be one of my favourite things. Recently, while browing the internet, I came across a neat little trick for a new way to dye eggs; by using silk ties! 

I know that sounds bananas, so I tested it out and it actually works! What you're left with are eggs in really cool patterns and colours that will make for a really interesting centre or display piece. 

Here's what you'll need: 

Silk ties (one tie will have enough material to dye two-three eggs) 
Thread (regular sewing thread will do) 
Pot of boiling water 

Step 1: Cut silk ties

Open up the tie, and cut enough material to fit around the egg. 

Tip: I used enough material to wrap my eggs twice, I don't think it makes a big difference, but most likely, some dye will come off in the water so having a double layer will help. 
Step 2: Wrap 

Wrap the entire egg with the thread. You'll want to wrap it, pretty much all over. After wrapping it entirely, I took a smaller length of thread and wrapped once more to keep the thread from totally unravelling. 

Tip: The thread will help keep the silk on the egg and also helps transfer the dye. If you have thicker thread, it's a good idea to use that instead. Again, be sure to wrap the entire egg! You also don't need to worry about securing the thread, if you wrap over top of it, it should be fine. 
Step 3: Boil water

Boil a pot of water, and carefully slip the eggs into the pot. Let boil for about 10 minutes (until eggs are finished boiling). 

Tip: At the 10 minute mark, you may want to remove one first, unwrap and see how it looks. If the dye isn't dark or intense enough on the egg, leave the others in the pot for a little while longer. 

After boiling and unwrapping (carefully!), you will have some gorgeous eggs! 

Tip: I found that material that had a stark contrasting pattern (i.e. blue background and white or red flowers, worked best) 
Do you chicks dye Easter eggs at this time of year? What are your favourite crafty DIY projects for spring or Easter?
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on March 21, 2013  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I'm definitely going to try this craft this year with my kids. Time to hit the thrift shop!

on April 05, 2012  fairyinred  902 said:

That looks like a lot of fun!

on April 05, 2012  Lol said:

Amazing so interesting

on April 05, 2012  Aliza  13,970 said:

Wow that looks so easy! What a great idea!

on April 05, 2012  dinag  166 said:

wow, that looks amazing! def. going to try it this weekend with my boys!

on April 04, 2012  Marie1234  4,187 said:

This is so cool! I wish i had kids to do this with!

on April 04, 2012  frose  994 said:

Yea my grandma used to dye the eggs with onion skins too and to make patern on the egg she used to get a leaf and tie it around the egg with silk pantyhose... worked everytime.

on April 04, 2012  maltia13  801 said:

neat...love it...will try it on the weekend...

on April 04, 2012  sodarnsweet  2,206 said:

Great idea!!

on April 04, 2012  Bren  25,292 said:

Those are gorgeous!What a great idea!

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