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Gratuitous Hotties: 50 Shades of Grey Edition

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday September 7, 201241 comments

Fifty Shades of Grey has ladies everywhere in a tizzy. One of the most heated debates (emphasis on the heat) has been the upcoming 50 Shades movie and the anticipation of the announcement of the cast. We're all wondering, which leading man will be playing the smouldering and sexy Christian Grey? 

I took a look at some of the rumoured gents and decided to come up with my dream cast of 10 hotties that I would like to see play Christian Grey (in no particular order). And I have a few reasons as to why they would make the perfect Christian. Of course, I had to do a ton of research for this article and there were many scientific calculations that had to take place. It was gruelling. The things I do for you chicks...

#1. Alexander Skarsgard
(image via papdecinema.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: If you're familiar with his character in True Blood, you know that this man does not shy away from nudity. Score one for Alexander! He can also play that perfect mix of inner vulnerability and outward intimidation which I think is important for the role. 

#2. Ian Somerhalder

(image via fanpop.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: Along the same lines as his character in The Vampire Diaries, this character has a devilish charm that is attracting and gives us stomach butterflies. Plus, he's super duper easy on the eyes. 

#3. Matt Bomer 

(image via ryan-field.blogspot.ca

Why he should play Christian Grey:  Matt Bomer is quite possibly the most handsomest man ever. Look at how he works it in a suit! He has major sex appeal. 

#4. Ryan Gosling 

(image via rapunzelandpie.blogspot.ca

Why he should play Christian Grey: Here's the thing about Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey: he shouldn't do it because he's way too adorable and nice, but if he did, he'd be incredible at it. He's just that good. 

#5. Chris Hemsworth 

(image via fanpop.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: Um... so hot. Am I right? Chris Hemsworth is a gorgeous specimen and he has those piercing blue eyes. He's the perfect mix of rugged and pretty. He's still relatively new as a leading man so I'm not sure how well he could carry himself this strong of a role. 

#6. Chris Pine 

(image via fanpop.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: He's got the looks for sure. He's the right age and he's a great love interest in romcoms. Plus he was a pretty hot Kirk in Star Trek. I'm not sold on the personality yet. I think he's a bit flavourless and needs to be spicier! 
#7. Michael Fassbender 

(image via fanpop.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: Oh Michael, you sexy beast you. I would love Michael in this role because I think he could definitely bring some character depth to Christian. He's a bit old for the role but with age comes a very sexy and distinguished look. 

#8. Armie Hammer 

(image via justjared.com

Why he should play Christian Grey: If Armie's face or name isn't ringing any bells, it's because he's still a rising star in Hollywood. Some of you may know him as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. I think his fresh, preppy look would be really welcome in this role. I'd be interested to see what he did with the it. 

#9. James Marsden

(image via justjared.com) 

Why he should play Christian Grey: This one is a bit of an underdog, but when I saw this photo of him I thought to myself, 'I can see a Christian Grey thing happening here'. He usually goes for the comedic roles but maybe some light humour would make Christian Grey more appealing? 

#10. Henry Cavill 

(image via mmcelhaney-media.blogspot.ca
Why he should play Christian Grey: I know I said that this was in no particular order, but I lied. I saved the best for last, ladies! Henry Cavill has the perfect face, body and dashing charm for Christian Grey. He's already set to be the new Superman and I cannot wait to see him in that suit. Can you blame me?

So chicks, who is your pick to play Christian Grey? Any ideas as to who should play the leading lady Anastasia Steele?
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on September 29, 2012  Julia8795  462 said:

Ian Somerhalder is a very attractive man ;) I'd surely watch if he plays christian ;)

on September 18, 2012  Racenhawk  2,689 said:

wow, what a selection, I'll take the first three!

on September 17, 2012  AmandaH607  1,260 said:

Alexander Skarsgard FOR SURE!!!! Love that guy

on September 13, 2012  LadyFlash  8,899 said:

Not a fan of the book series but will definitely watch if Alexander Skarsgard stars lol.

on September 13, 2012  MC.Reviews said:

ian somerhalder PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st choice definately but 2nd choice will be matt bomber!

on September 13, 2012  Becky  13,128 said:

Oh I hope it's one of:
henry cavil
matt bomer
ian somerhalder

These three have the smouldering brooding sexy look about them :-) The others are cute too! But not brooding enough to be Christian Grey!

on September 12, 2012  girlyna  387 said:

HENRY CAVILL for sure omg is hot

on September 12, 2012  tiffany88  282 said:

matt bomer

on September 12, 2012  ellstar  4,889 said:

Matt Bomer, I've never read 50 shades but he looks the most like the way the main character is generally described.

on September 12, 2012  Steffikah  9,235 said:

Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard. SWOON!!

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