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Yay or Nay: Miley Cyrus' Red Carpet Style

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday September 10, 201297 comments

Oh Miley, we need to stop meeting like this. You have been our Yay or Nay subject one too many times my dear, and yet, you don't seem to learn. Well, in any case, here we are again and we have a doozy of a Miley outfit to discuss. Here Miley is, walking the red carpet at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. 

Last week, I was a bit harsh on Kate Hudson who showed off a little bit too much for my taste. I guess I'm going to be a bit of a hypocrite when I say that I'm actually loving this dress. The neckline is risqué but it's offset by the long sleeves and floor length hemline. I'm really digging the sheer parts too, it's edgy but sexy. I think it's a very appropriate dress for the occasion and the event. 

I think my main concern with this look is her makeup and hair. When Miley chopped off her signature long locks, I was totally rooting for her, but this bouffant is not doing it for me. Her makeup is really lackluster here too. It's like she's wearing too much (pancake face anyone?) and not enough at the same time. I'd love to see Miley really go for it with this look, maybe try out a dark lip and dramatic smoky eyes, this look is not bringing out any of her great features.   

What do you think of her outfit, hair and makeup? Is Miley werkin' it or does this fall flat? Leave a comment below with your yay or nay vote by September 16th and you could win a prize!

(images via justjared.com
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on November 15, 2012  Sarah said:


on September 29, 2012  Julia8795  462 said:

Not a huge fan of the dress or the hair, I think they both look awful on her.

on September 27, 2012  dicicco  2,598 said:

Liked her with long hair, she ruined it for me :(

on September 18, 2012  nicolerae  411 said:

This contest is now closed.
The winner was ellstar, congrats!

on September 17, 2012  AmandaH607  1,260 said:

NAY....she looks awful! Her hair stylist should be fired!

on September 17, 2012  jl13  2,859 said:

Nay on the makeup and hair.

Nay on the dress. If the bust line were higher, it might have been a positive vote as the silhouette and back are just gorgeous, but I can't handle all the boob.

on September 17, 2012  shanaz  5,886 said:

YAY! She's a grown-up now and sure does look like it!

I admire this look on her so much! Wish I had the guts for a bold hairdo like hers!

on September 16, 2012  Dez239  1,223 said:

Nay. She doesn't need to show the girls all the time.

on September 16, 2012  Unw4nt3d  1,424 said:

Nay, the mix of sheer and dark black colours do not go well together ):

on September 16, 2012  mela86  2,943 said:

Nay, it just doesn't look good to me, but that's just my opinion.

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