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Guess the Price Pose-Off

Posted by Ali | Friday July 30, 201097 comments
It isn't always easy coming up with a theme to pose to, but today we discovered we were all wearing dresses $30 or less and that seemed as good a theme as any.  Can you guess the prices for each dress?  The first person to guess the prices correctly in the comments and will get a free beauty product from our stash.
Guess the price pose-off
You'd love it if we'd spill the beans on how much this sweet little floral number is, wouldn't you?
Guess the price pose-off
We're used to Pam looking amazing in everything, but we were shocked when she admitted the price of this dress.
guess the price posing wall
I was hesitant at first to buy this dress because I hate bows.  But the skirt got me.  I got it in Montreal but I'm not telling for how much.

Let the guessing begin!

UPDATE: August 17, 2010
We are packaging up the prize for our winner and it is... CARGO's Eyeshadow Palette in Tahiti!  We hope you love it Vexmir!
Cargo Eyeshadow Palette in Tahiti

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on August 17, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

We have just announced the Winner's prize and it is being shipped this week. It's a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from CARGO. Do you love it?

on August 11, 2010  jmca  9,045 said:

Congratulations Vexmir!!

on August 11, 2010  Vexmir  496 said:

That's so awesome! Thanks!

on August 11, 2010  Bren  25,506 said:

Congratulations Vexmir!

on August 11, 2010  megroo  451 said:

congrats Vexmir!! I had a blast guessing.....

on August 11, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Contest is now closed!

Mandy's dress (and the one very few people were able to guess) was from Spoof in Toronto, ringing up at $16.99.

Pam got her sweet number off the Calvin Klein sales rack for a paltry $20!

Ali spent a mere $30 on this Rocco dress that looks adorable, bow and all.

The closest guesser and winner of the Guess The Price Pose-off is Vexmir! She guessed all the way back on page 2.

Congratulations Vexmir! We'll be in touch about your contact info for your freebie!

on August 11, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Claire is doing her math wizardry to figure out who was the closest... Great guesses everyone!

on August 11, 2010  megroo  451 said:


on August 11, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

UPDATE: we're announcing a winner within the hour! No one got everything right... but in case anyone wants to guess just one more time, here's a hot clue: many of you guessed correctly on Pam and Ali's dresses.

If no one guesses everything, we're going with who was closest mathematically.

on August 11, 2010  megroo  451 said:

one more try..


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