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Hair Treatments for Sun Damaged Hair

Posted by Tasha | Tuesday July 26, 20119 comments

You protect your skin with sunscreen, and nourish it with body lotion. But let’s not forget about that other precious cargo that sits on top of your head. There are so many products now that give your hair the same treatment. Reward dry, damaged hair, and your hair will reward you with soft luscious locks.

1. Aveda Sun Care After Sun Hair Mask (C$32.00) is made with Shea butter, tamanu oil, coconut and palm oils to restore your hair to it’s naturally perfect state. 

2. Your skin isn’t the only body part that suffers sun damage. Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil (C$32.00) is a light spray that protects your locks from UV rays, preventing dry hair, damage and fading colour. 

3. LUSH H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask (C$17.95) is made with free-range eggs, bananas avocados, olive oil and cinnamon oil, among other things. It sounds like an ingredient list to a complicated breakfast in bed but your hair will thank you for this high in vitamin mix. 

1. Made with Ojon oil and Blue Agave Ojon Dry Recovery Intensive Hydrating 2-Minute Hair Mask (US$29.50) promises to hydrate your hair from roots to ends and seal in moisture. 

2. Perfect for dry, coloured and beaten up hair, Bumble and Bumble Quenching Complex (US$34.00) is a daily restoring leave-in treatment. 

3. Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment (US$25.00) is infamous for reviving dull hair and perfecting your luscious locks. 

4. Oscar Blandi Trattamento al Fango (US$26.00) adds moisture to thirsty hair. This muddy mixture claims to harden as you wear it, as proof that your hair is getting its H20

Do you have any home remedies for dry damaged hair?
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on July 29, 2011  satojoko  2,556 said:

@ jskim07: Sorry, for some reason my response got cut off. Anyways, if you want to purchase pure argan oil with no fillers or dilutants, feel free to contact me through my guestbook. Thanks :-)

on July 28, 2011  satojoko  2,556 said:

I buy everything from my wholesale suppliers and have been for over 20 years, so I suppose you could get it cheaper from me. I have never seen pure argan oil that hasn't been mixed with something else in any of the stores. I don't give out the contact info of my suppliers and they normally don't deal with people who don't manufacture their own products. If you wanted a price on a specific bottle size of argan oil, you can leave a message on my guestbook with your email address and I can contact you directly with the info. Argan oil is not one of the cheaper oils even at wholesale prices, so you'll never find it cheap in retail stores. But I'm pretty sure the price I would give you would be cheaper than any other place you'd find it, plus it would be guaranteed pure and not mixed down with any filler or diluting oils. That is a huge issue with products on the Canadian market which the Canadian government does not protect us from, unfortunately. Many pr

on July 28, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

@Satojoko - I heard very good things about Argan oil! It's hard to find a reasonable price for it lately. The only makeup brand I know of so far would be Josie Maran's line of argan oils. (I hope I'm getting my facts straight!) Would you recommend any place I could find some argan oil products for cheaper? You seem to know your way around these products!

on July 27, 2011  satojoko  2,556 said:

Forgot to mention as well, Aveda proucts are highly over priced and over rated for what they are. You are really paying for the hype around that brand name, and at very high prices. I would far more likely put that Lush product in my hair that I would put any Aveda product in my hair. Cheaper and better quality overall.

on July 27, 2011  satojoko  2,556 said:

The moroccan oil is horrible junk and seriously overpriced for a product that is primarily a mix of very cheap silicones. Buy yourself a bottle of pure argan oil, which is what true hair oil from that area of the world is.

I make a mix of castor oil, pure argan oil, jojoba oil, other great oils for the hair as well, hydrolyzed oats and wheat, chammomile extract, panthenol (pro vitamin B 5), silk amino acids, phytokeratin, and a bunch of other stuff. I use it as an overnight treatment and shampoo it out the next day, sometimes leaving it on all weekend and washing it out on Monday morning. I also use a few drops of it on my wet hair before blow drying, and then a few drops after I blow dry my hair to tame any friziness. A Garnier hair color just toasted my hair and I am still very unhappy with the condition of it since then. So I had to put together my own product to repair the damage done. They suggested their own products to fix the damage, but they are all cheap junk as far as I have found.

Incidentally, Ojon products used to be spectacular, but since reformulating them, I have found a lot to be junk as well. I have completely stopped buying them after years of using them exclusively. Their products now make my scalp dry and itchy, have silicones in them, and they have completely changed the scent of their products. My own product above got rid of the problems I started having with theirs after weeks of hair and scalp issues. Many of their long-time customers are very angry with them, including myself. For the amount of money they charge, they have a lot of answering to do to all of us. Even when people have directly conmplained on their Facebook page or emailed them and told them how much they hate the new formulations, they just blow them off. Personally, they won't be getting another one of my hard earned $$ any time soon.

on July 26, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I agree with Janine - put the Moroccanoil in when your hair is sopping wet (I squeeze out the drips in the shower, but do not towel dry). Be careful to only use a small amount and focus on the lengths of the hair NOT the roots or your hair will look oily and lack volume. Think of pulling your hair into a ponytail - the tail is what should get the most of the oil. Comb through and let air dry for best results!

p.s. I've tried Moroccanoil on my hair dry and it was... not good.

on July 26, 2011  Janine Henderson  174 said:

I have tried the Moraccan oil and it really works great, an additional tip is also to put in your hair when wet.

on July 26, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

I'm going to have to add Macadamia oil to this list because that product is amaZING!

on July 26, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

I'm hearing more and more things about moroccanoil lately. Maybe I should buy myself a bottle and try it out?

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