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How a Customer can Change the World

Posted by Claire | Thursday April 22, 2010 1 comment
It's called 'Voting with your Wallet' - and it's more relevant than you think.

This notion follows the logic that, since companies are empowered by your purchases, you have the opportunity to 'vote' for companies that practice sustainability and positive change rather than those who exploit their workers and the environment.

But how do you separate the lukewarm 'greenwashing' types from true eco innovators?

Start by checking your favourite brands' website for their environmental philosophy and record. The leaders in sustainability are proud to advertise their achievements. Many companies include detailed information in their Annual Reports, with proactive policies ranging from responsible supply chains (eg. no child labour) to resource use (water, waste) to workplace standards. Two of my favourites in the beauty space are L'Oreal and Natura Cosmetics.

It should also be easy to determine if the policies are as effective as the claims. Look for report data that shows clearly how a company's resource use has changed over time or if they have had any environmental violations. Other companies who've come under fire in recent years have made strides to improve their policies - look for these facts as well.

It can also be helpful to screen companies with a search engine - legal and environmental issues are quickly reported by news services. You will find greater satisfaction while shopping if you know that the companies you support reflect your sustainability values!

For Earth Day 2010 and beyond, will you vote with your wallet?

by Jill Mills
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