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In or Out? 4 Fall Hair Trends to Keep, Ditch, & Tweak

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday September 1, 201111 comments

We all want to know- what’s going to be the ‘it’ hair colour, hair style, hair ‘do for fall? We visited the Robin Barker Salon and not only did they showed us two easy and quick fall up ‘do styles but Robin shared some hair care tips and some fall trends with us. We’re here to let you know what to keep, what to ditch and what to change for the upcoming 2011 Fall season!
 Out: Stark or Fake Ombré
In: Natural Ombré 
Ditch the black streaks dyed underneath à la Avril Lavigne. Go for a natural look fading from dark to light or vice versa. 

Out: Center Part
In: Side Part
Robin told us that most people’s hair falls naturally to either one side or the other. He suggests that it looks best that when naturally parted. While I am sure most of us have broken the no center part rule at one point or another, Robin warns that a center part can make you look too matronly. 

Out: Fake Looking Locks to Get Length (image via imnotobsessed.com)
In: Natural Looking Extensions
With the popularity of hair lock extensions, you can add individual strands of hair to increase length and volume without all the painful, and apparent weaves poking through. Robin and his specialist have noticed that this method of adding extensions is less damaging to your hair!

Out: Straight or Flat Hair
In: Soft n’ Wavy Volume
Straight hair can look sleek and sexy but without volume, it falls flat. Make sure to add some ‘oomph’ to your hair this fall and try using a big barrel curling iron for touchable, soft curls! 

What will you be doing with your hair this fall? 
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on October 19, 2011  Trich said:

I have straight hair that I don't color and I swear that Shielo's Volume Line gives me more swing to my hair when I use it. I also use Shielo's Volume Hairspray (its Flexible Hold) on my daughter sometimes and I notice that her flyaways are much neater after using the Shielo brand.
The scent is AMAZING!
I have also gotten compliments on the scent from people when my hair was dry. I recommend this shampoo to anyone who is looking to stretch out their haircut visits. Your hair stays healthy and smells great.

on September 07, 2011  Keeks  3,612 said:

I love the soft wavy curls that are in now. I hate flat ironing my hair. By midday I look like I need to redo it because all the sleekness is gone.

on September 06, 2011  chicky82  2,625 said:

I do a side part ever since I got "pixied" otherwise I look like one of the 3 stooges. When I had my long hair it was always center parted or it got poofy.

on September 02, 2011  Aliza  13,970 said:

I always part my hair from the side, I never liked the look on me of having it parted in the center. I really love the soft and wavy volume look. I recently wore my hair like that to a wedding and it looked amazing! Great look!

on September 01, 2011  LadyFlash  8,805 said:

I always love and prefer a side parting. It looks more classic and stylish. Where as a center part just cuts your face in half and high lights anyone with a large chin or forehead.

on September 01, 2011  beachbabe  4,164 said:

@Becky - I totally agree! Not a fan of the frosty or icy lips. I like peaches, berries, rich pinks, etc but not the shiny icicle colours. Just looks so cheap.

on September 01, 2011  Becky  13,068 said:

this is what I mean by icy lips:

This vlogger is a doll, love listening to her ...but what is up with them lips? dude! urgh. Wouldn't she look so cute with with a peachy pink lipstick instead of the ice wash she has on?

on September 01, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

Yes to the side parting. Center part makes me look terrible and I know it's true because my gay friend told me so and he'll never lie about that!

on September 01, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

@Becky I haven't seen much icy pale lipsticks of late but I have seen a lot of Nicki Minaj inspired bright pink lipstick. I'm all about natural lips so I'm not a huge fan.

on September 01, 2011  Becky  13,068 said:

Totally agree with everything here! I'd like to add one more thing: icy pale lipstick. What's up with that? Nude is one thing, but what's up with the metallic pink lipstick some people wear?

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