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Make-up Tutorial: Working with Hooded Eyelids

Posted by Nicole | Thursday November 22, 201242 comments

I am the proud owner of semi-hooded lids. And no, this isn't a car term. If you haven't heard of hooded eyelids before, let me give you the low down: hooded eyes/eyelids are when eyelids are partially covered by skin underneath the brow when the eyes are open. 

Hooded lids can make your eyes appear smaller and of course, we always want our peepers to be big and bright! Plus, they can be a pain when it comes to wearing makeup. Spending a good amount of time on your eyes in the morning and then realizing no one can see it when your eyes are open? Argh. Bane of my existence. 

Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can definitely come in handy for us hooded lid ladies.You would be surprised at how many celebrities have hooded eyes and how they use makeup to their advantage. 
What to avoid: With minimal makeup, hooded lids are more noticeable. Heavy liner on your top lids, especially in dark colours creates the illusion of shadows, emphasizing the lid and shrinking your eyes. 

Play up a feature: Have gorgeous lips? Show them off with a bold colour! Blessed with long, full lashes? Add on a pair of falsies and own it. If your eyes are smaller, then make your best feature the focal point. 

The smoky eye: Hooded ladies, you need to learn to love a smoky eye. This is the most flattering way to feature a hooded lid. Sure, it's a bit over the top but a great dramatic eye and neutral lip looks fabulous! 

Looking to try out a smoky eye for yourself? We love this tutorial on a makeup look that works for hooded lids: 

Do you have hooded eyelids? How do you deal with them?
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on February 11, 2019  Linnecobb  318 said:

How do u keep your mascara from leaving a line at top of brow when u have the hoodedlids

on February 05, 2015  skate_08  450 said:

Her make-up looks fantastic, but I disagree that you should avoid shadowing in the crease. As a self-taught theatre MUA, I figured out contouring a long time before it was trendy. I also have severely hooded eyes, to the point where they weight down my lashes to cover my field of vision. The best look I've found is to take a dark matte shade and blend it in above the crease and over the lower edge of the hood, then use a lighter shade on the lid. I actually use shimmer on the lid. What this does is create the illusion of depth where the crease should be, and bring the lids forward so that when you blink or you look down it looks like you actually have one. It's exactly the same principle as contouring the cheekbones.

on March 28, 2014  Shelby said:

I'm a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant with hooded lids, and what I do is bring my lid color up to the browbone and concentrate my crease color in the outer corners, and then put my highlight shade right on my browbone and in the inner corner to open them up.

on August 14, 2013  Janie said:

I draw my crease with an eye pencil that matches the eyeshadow I'm using on my "crease" and then just blend the liner with the eyeshadow. I find that easiest for me in faking a crease.

on July 16, 2013  JulzRulz  1,950 said:

Now it all makes sense. I am not crazy and my eyes do look better with little to no eyeshadow on the lids and just on the outer edges. I do like the fun ways she has of angling and elongating the eyes. Watched all her videos. Thanks for posting.

on November 30, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I don't have hooded lids, but I absolutely love how Taylor Swift's make up always looks incredible!

on November 26, 2012  Becky  13,068 said:

I'm gonna have to go take another look at my eyes. Not sure if they're hooded or not. But great tips!

on November 23, 2012  LissaG  6,010 said:

thanks! i have hooded lids too, i usually hate them because i hate wearing alot of makeup though

on November 22, 2012  LyrissaSmillie  9,457 said:

good tips! I use a primer to hold it all and not crease

on November 22, 2012  takoda  28,627 said:

I do, thanks for the tips.

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