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New on ChickAdvisor: the Mom & Baby Channel

| Wednesday December 8, 20109 comments

We are thrilled to announce that we've launched a new channel on ChickAdvisor: Mom & Baby!

You new Moms, to-be Moms, and tested-and-true Moms, this brand new feature was inspired by your feedback and we're happy to bring it to you at last.   This is your chance to find unbiased, helpful reviews for all your baby needs, share your "I learned this the hard way" advice, and much more.  Look for a host of exciting opportunities starting in 2011, custom-tailored to what's important for your new and growing family!

Child-free folks, consider this your window into which products the new mom will be happy to receive at her baby shower, and which she'll discreetly return to Babies 'R Us.  Just sayin'.

Who doesn't love Peg Perego?  Exactly.

Give us a hand and help build this section by adding your reviews for products and servicesWe reward top contributors with special consideration for opportunities such as our popular Product Review Club, so what are you waiting for?

We also invite savvy Mom & Baby writers to share their knowledge with us!  If you are interested in contributing written articles for our consideration, please email us for details.
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on December 10, 2010  jchang212  106 said:

@BubblyBunny Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we noticed all the different shades and sizes for the different products too, and we're trying to go through and truncate/generalize things as we see fit. Feel free to just write a single review under the title that's closest to what you have, and we'll do our best to merge everything that's the same together.

The Dimpleskins Sweet Cheeks reviews have also been combined. Thanks again! Let us know if you have any other comments :)

on December 09, 2010  Bubblybunny  4,709 said:

Great idea! I've been waiting for CA to launch a section for Mom & Baby for a long time!! :D

I was flipping through the cloth diaper section and I noticed that there is a different review for each colour for the same diaper. For example, there's a review for FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium in green, then there's another review for FuzziBunz Perfect Size Medium in white, then in red, etc. In my opinion, they are all the same diaper. The colour shouldn't matter. So why divide the reviews this way? Doesn't it make it more complicated?

Also, I reviewed a baby product eons ago. I did a quick search on that product and saw that there is a new entry for the exact same product (but the title is different). Is there anyway to combine the two? (It's the Dimpleskins Sweet Cheeks)

on December 09, 2010  nhartog  503 said:

I am so excited about this new Channel. I have really enjoyed the all the other aspects of Chickadvisor, and have enjoyed doing some reviews. But I have to admit that as a mom, I don't have a lot of time to research makeup & other products anymore. On the other hand, when it comes to buying baby products, I have been doing so much research so that we spend our money more wisely (the products are quite price after all). But I have found it hard to find good advice on the internet about baby products, it takes far too long to find the answers I am looking for. I look forward to writing reviews and researching reviews for items I am looking to buy. Thanks so much for starting this Channel!

on December 09, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Thank you, Ponnsabra! I had no idea how hard it was to go shopping for things like strollers and all of the baby paraphernalia until I was planning a shower for my sister last year. There aren't a lot of places you can get feedback on all of this stuff in one place. I think it will be a really useful tool for new moms and moms who have figured it all out and can help the rest of us out!

on December 09, 2010  ponnsabra  153 said:

Congrats on launching your new channel! Great to see your growth.

on December 08, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

To our beautiful mommy members, please review your strollers, car seats, play pens, baby monitors, breast pumps, daycares... you name it! You guys are the experts and can help out all the rest of us Chicks who would really benefit from your expertise.


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