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Introducing... ChickAdvisor Premium!

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Thursday November 3, 201615 comments
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We are so excited to announce an exclusive and NEW ChickAdvisor program: ChickAdvisor Premium.

What is it?
Think of ChickAdvisor Premium like ShowCase and ShopCrawl combined but open to everyone across Canada, for the cost of one latte a month. 

How it's like ShowCase
Just for signing up, each of you will get a welcome gift which is a custom ChickAdvisor makeup bag with a curated selection of hand-picked premium beauty products worth over $100! 

How it's like ShopCrawl
Every month we will be negotiating exclusive deals on your behalf from our retail partners. The deals will be exclusive to ChickAdvisor Premium and you will be getting unique coupon codes that can't be duplicated so they are exclusively yours. If you've been to one of our ShopCrawls you know we are good at negotiating deals for our members!

How much is it?
There is an annual fee of $60.
Ex: $60 annual fee works out to $5 a month, the cost of one latte a month!

Just like ShowCase, this ChickAdvisor Premium subscription offer operates on a first-come, first-served basis. We are pre-selling spots in advance of our January launch.  

Reward yourself!
We want YOU to help us spread the word so we along with all the amazing offers included in your subscription, you’ll be rewarded each time someone buys a subscription using your referral link. Refer a Chick, Reward Yourself! 

Click here to learn more and become a ChickAdvisor Premium member!

Click for ChickAdvisor Premium FAQs

The memberships you are signing up for now are for January 2017. The deadline for signing up is December 15th. There are limited spots available and they have been selling like hot cakes!

We will continue to keep you guys in the loop as we have more info to share. 

XO, Your ChickAdvisor Team
Nous sommes ravies d’annoncer le lancement du NOUVEAU et exclusif programme ChickAdvisor: ChickAdvisor Premium.

Qu’est-ce que c’est? 
Imagine ChickAdvisor Premium comme un mélange de nos deux événements ShowCase ou ShopCrawl mais disponible pour tous à travers le Canada pour le coût d’un café par mois. 

Comment ça similaire à Showcase? 
Chacune d’entre vous recevra un cadeau de bienvenue composé d’une charmante trousse de maquillage personnalisée ChickAdvisor remplie de produits choisis par nos soins dépassant la valeur de $100. 

Comment ça semblable à ShopCrawl?
Chaque mois, nous allons négocier des offres exclusives auprès de nos partenaires commerçants. Les promotions seront uniquement pour ChickAdvisor Premium et nous t'enverrons un coupon avec un code unique impossible à dupliquer. Si tu as déjà participé à un de nos ShopCrawl, tu sais déjà que nous sommes bons pour négocier des offres pour nos membres. 

Combien ça coûte? 
Les frais d’inscription sont de $60.
Ex: $60 représente $5 par mois, ou un grand latte par mois. 

Comme notre événement ShowCase, l’abonnement ChickAdvisor Premium fonctionne suivant le principe du premier arrivé, premier servis. Nous faisons des pré-ventes exclusives avant notre lancement officiel en Janvier. 

Récompense à la clé!
Nous avons besoin de TOI pour faire passer le message alors, non seulement tu vas être gâtée avec ses offres exclusives incluses dans ton abonnement, mais tu seras également récompenser pour chaque abonnement acheté utilisant ton lien. Parrainez une Chick, Soyez récompensé! 

Clique ici sans plus attendre pour en savoir davantage et devenir un membre premium!

Bisous, Ton équipe ChickAdviso

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on April 10, 2018  lesliemuir2  9,657 said:

Can't wait until this is available again! I'd love to sign up!

on January 13, 2018  Amritjot  2,534 said:

Really not interested for that, are u?

on December 19, 2016  trashyart  4,105 said:

I'm excited to get the beauty bag that comes with this! Any more spoilers before they ship out!?

on December 05, 2016  jessiekohut  9,053 said:

i'm hoping there will still be spots open for me to join, christmas shopping has me down a bit on funds right now, but fingers crossed

on November 18, 2016  meltsharp  1,031 said:

I am not exactly sure this is worth it except for the first package you get when you sign up. It seems like an quite a bit of money

on November 13, 2016  tracy1963  6,711 said:

I also signed up right away. Can't wait. Who doesn't love deals on treasures. Super excited. Now we even know one of our gifts. This is better then Christmas for me.

on November 11, 2016  wonderwhatif  86,274 said:

I think I have to skip this one. I love the idea of it, but I don't have any spare money to take advantage of discounts...so it would be silly to sign up I think.

on November 10, 2016  laura2423  66,474 said:

I'm so excited to sign up for this, I really love chickadvisor and I know this will be super fun!

on November 07, 2016  jayvelyn926  12,600 said:

I signed up immediately! lol,, I didn't even think twice. Thanks Chick Advisor for this! I look forward to the amazing things ya'll got for us!

on November 07, 2016  jcb75  11,531 said:

So very exciting! Signed up and ooking forward to the new year!!

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