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Monday July 13, 2015 by Claire

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My kids have me on the run. 

I try to maintain some sanity by limiting the activities to one at a time: basketball during winter, soccer in spring, and swimming lessons for a few weeks in summer. However, I have THREE children and rarely do their commitments sync up for optimal scheduling. We're on the go constantly, so I need a stash of healthy snacks in my pantry, my overstuffed purse, my minivan... parents, you know what I mean!

The challenge is finding a snack that (a) is a healthier choice, (b) is convenient, and (c) my kids will actually eat and enjoy. For a while my go-to was apples, raisins, and nuts. However, apples have to be washed again after rolling around the floor of my minivan (no, hand sanitizer is not a substitute), nuts can be tricky for places with allergy restrictions, and raisins are apparently only good for throwing at each other and making "pew! pew!" laser beam sounds instead of eating them. 

During the school year I have often chosen Mott's Fruitsations* apple sauce cups for school lunches, but it's always good to have some variety available. I was very interested to hear about the new flavours from Mott's Fruitsations* that come in a squeezable and resealable pouch - so much more convenient for throwing into sports bags or backpacks, and no spoon required!

Mott's Fruitsations* Fruit Rockets* are made of 100% fruit and have no added sugar. They use natural flavours and colours, and contain no gluten or peanuts. +Veggies has the added veggies your kids need (but don't always want!), while the flavour remains fun and naturally sweet so your kids won't care that they're eating their vegetables too!

This week on the Product Review Club, we'll be giving 200 Canadian families from our Product Review Club the opportunity to try BOTH Mott's Fruitsations* Fruit Rockets* brand new flavours: Unsweetened Strawberry-Kiwi or +Veggies Mixed Berry Carrot. Want to be part of our testing group?

If you're interested, please take a moment to complete a brief survey by July 19, 2015. Selected testers will be notified by email during the week of July 20 with further instructions. Click on the banner to get started:

Don't forget: for bonus consideration, help us spread the word about this offer on Twitter or Instagram and remember to include the tag #MottsFruitsations. Good luck!

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel. You must be a ChickAdvisor member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on November 30, 2015  Griechux  34,936 said:

My munchkin loves these. They dont last too long tho :))

on August 24, 2015  valerie87  600 said:

I just tried my Motts Fruitsations, although it's unsweetened the taste is really great & yummyyyy !!!! My son also had it and looks like he is happy with that. He was excited seeing the small colourful package. Moreover this healthy snack is really convenient coz of the resealable pouch, we take it with us on the go and enjoy it at different places.

And yeah, I really didn't expect the "surprise" inside the package : we loved the cute plush toy !!!!!!! Thanks a lot to Chickadvisor team for giving me an opportunity of trying this new product, we will definitely buy this again in the future for the whole family.

on August 13, 2015  Kayla said:

I received the extra surprises of the super cute kids plush toys and tattoos, along with the free product coupons -Thanks Mott's & Chick Advisor!! However, I am unable to write a review for the Mott's Fruitsations Rockets product as neither of the grocery stores in my town supply or sell the specific flavors required to taste and review :(

on August 05, 2015  avaloon17  26,271 said:

Mmmmmm...even if you don't get picked for this review the product is a must try for peeps of all ages!

on July 31, 2015  mayuri  765 said:

I just got my email that I have been select ,cannot wait to get it !!!Thanks

on July 30, 2015  Hollymyke1  2,731 said:

Surprise mail day for me today! I don't recall getting the 'you're in' email

The package was so cute with those plush toys. Thank you Motts & chickadvisor!

on July 30, 2015  avaloon17  26,271 said:

Mmmm received my Motts Fruitsations coupons and plushies today and cashed them in right away!!!what a delicious and healthy snack!!!

on July 16, 2015  trevorlinden3000  188 said:

Oh no. I entered the wrong city. Tried to resubmit. Hope that is ok.

Looking forward to have my kids try this product.

on July 16, 2015  pinkskiez  6,640 said:

I wont be trying this one due to allergies. But good luck to those trying for it.

on July 15, 2015  febreze  1,196 said:

Yummy food...

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