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New Product Review Club Offer: Nestlé GERBER® Oat & Prune Baby Cereal

Posted by Claire | Tuesday June 17, 201444 comments

I'm a mom of three, so you know I've seen it all. One of the funniest parenting experiences I have had was the pleasure of introducing my babies to solid foods. 

New parents sometimes ask me: "How do you know when your baby is ready for solid foods?" Trust me, you just know. Babies go from oblivious, cooing non-participants to eagle-eyed gluttons who will snatch greedily at your fork if it's in reach. Once you start with solid foods get ready for a whole new level of cuteness, from nose-wrinkling refusals to grunting eager eaters who can't wait for you to reload the spoon with another scoop of delicious mashed whatnot.

With new foods come new yet very normal changes as your baby's stomach adapts. It's a big step transitioning from exclusively using breast milk or formula to a more varied diet as you continue to introduce new foods and textures. That's where Nestlé GERBER® Oat & Prune Baby Cereal comes in. 

A trusted name in baby products, Nestlé GERBER® already has a wide range of nutritious baby cereals on the market. Now they've combined the goodness of whole grain oats and the delicious natural sweetness of prunes for their newest baby cereal, Oat & Prune! 

Many of us enjoy oatmeal with fruit for breakfast, so it's not a stretch to believe our little ones will love the yummy taste of this new cereal, too. Bonus: don't forget that oats and fruits like prunes are wholesome and known for their fibre content. We're looking for 100 Canadian moms and their babies who have started solid foods to try new Nestlé GERBER® Oat & Prune Baby Cereal for themselves. Want in?

If you are interested in being part of our testing group for this product, click the banner below to take a short qualification survey by June 25, 2014. Selected participants will be notified by email no later than June 29.

Apply to test Nestle GERBER cereal!
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on June 12, 2015  LFMini  1,135 said:

This is actually in my cupboard right now! Its going to be my son's first food. We are thinking of trying it next week :)

on February 06, 2015  rogersresaca  89,641 said:

My 2nd grandson ate this every once in a while when my daughter noticed he seemed constipated. The prunes in the cereal always done the trick and he felt so much better.

on August 12, 2014  Mabellu  158 said:

my son 9 month , tell the truth, he do not like it. the other taste cereal is ok, do not why did not like this .

on June 24, 2014  Maryann Ruttan said:

would love to try this on my twins

on June 23, 2014  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

Fingers crossed

on June 20, 2014  Maryann said:

Nestlé GERBER® Oat & Prune Baby Cereal would love to try this

on June 20, 2014  megtastic  4,917 said:

I would love to be picked for this product. We are just in the process of introducing solids to our boy. It would be really interesting to see what he thinks of this!

on June 19, 2014  Laurensgitz  158 said:

Looks yummy!

on June 19, 2014  TDipaolo  25,470 said:

My son is pretty good with anything I give him to eat. Would like to try this out to see how he feels about it.

on June 18, 2014  ChristineTopley  3,688 said:

Would love to review this!!

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