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New Product Review Club Offer: OxiClean™ 4X Concentrated Extreme Power Crystals™ Dishwasher Detergent

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Monday April 14, 2014144 comments

Sometimes it feels like all everyone talks about is food. Which trendy diet are you following? Which superfood are you stockpiling, or which ingredient are you avoiding?

I love food. Like, adore it. Give me some delish flourless chocolate cake, crispy coconut chicken strips, or Canadian Monterey Jack & Black Bean Empanadas, and I'm a happy girl. Food is not the enemy! You with me? 

I love cooking too, though I know I'm not alone in hating the clean-up. Chicks, nothing gets my goat worse than running a cycle in my dishwasher and then having to rewash, scrape, and sometimes chisel food remnants out of my dishes. I recently had the misfortune of a malfunctioning dishwasher and was forced to wash manually for a few weeks while we waited for the needed repairs. While it cost me in lost time which could have been better spent Netflix-bingeing, my dishes were cleaner than when I washed with the other detergent I had been using in my dishwasher thanks to scrub pads and the never-fail fingernail technique.

Recently I heard about the new OxiClean™ dishwashing products. I already am a big fan of the OxiClean™ stain fighter for keeping my clothes cleaner and figured if that can get the job done for my wardrobe, I'm definitely interested in giving it a test run in my dishwasher, too.

OxiClean™ 4X Concentrated Extreme Power Crystals is a brand new oxygen-powered dishwasher detergent designed to remove even the toughest stuck-on foods and stains. Baked-on lasagna stubbornly clinging to the corners of your casserole dish, or coffee stains lingering in your favourite mug? OxiClean™ is designed to beat them all without pre-washing or re-washing, leaving only a crystal clear sparkling clean behind. And because it's 4X concentrated, you can use 4X less detergent than the leading gel or powder detergents. 

OxiClean™ 4X Concentrated Extreme Power Crystals™ come in two convenient formats: Crystals (a dry formula in an easy-pour bottle) and Crystal Paks (the super convenient single-dose style). Both products are newly available at most stores across Canada, but in the Product Review Club, we like to say "Try Before You Buy!" 

We're looking for 200 Canadian Chicks who love food and hate clean-up to test these new products at home for themselves. Some of you will receive the Crystals bottle format and others will receive the Crystals single-dose paks. Which product will win? Tune in soon for the results!

If you'd like to be considered for this Product Review Club opportunity, please take a minute to fill out a quick survey no later than April 27, 2014. Selected testers will be contacted by email during the week of April 28. 

Apply Now!
Good luck!

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel.

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on May 15, 2017  jessica_rafuse3  4,850 said:

Love the OxyClean foam stain remover

on June 12, 2014  Diane Veillette said:

Il paraît que l'essayer c'est l'adopter... alors j'aimerais bien l'essayer. Merci.

on May 20, 2014  jmca  9,215 said:

I missed out applying for this one.

on May 05, 2014  lindsaycyr  3,084 said:

I can't wait to try these! I have used other OxiClean products in the past and have always been happy with their results, I'm sure these will perform just as well.

on May 01, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

I love trying new products and putting them to the test. Wold be nice to try this one as I already have tried their oxyclean laundry product and love it. Testing out a new product is great you can be as honest as you want and help make eor break a product.

on May 01, 2014  justme  1,540 said:

I would love to try OxiClean and put it to the test. I run dishwasher at least once daily but get frustrated when all dishes do not come clean and need rehashing. This just may be our answer.

on April 29, 2014  a_ms  3,973 said:

Would love to try. We do lots of loads a week.

on April 29, 2014  a_m_rs said:

Would love to try. We do lots of loads a week.

on April 25, 2014  brown_eye_girl  241 said:

My current dishwashing detergent just isn't cutting it. Better than others I've used, but still not impressed. I would love to try oxiclean!

on April 23, 2014  tracylynn  490 said:

Would love to try it.

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