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Product Review Club: Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-Hour Express

Posted by Claire | Monday August 15, 201119 comments

Life is busy – of course you know that.  Between studies or a demanding career, family and friends, time at the gym, or a hot new romance, we’re always looking for simple solutions to free up more time to do the things we love. 

For example, topping my list of Must-Solves:  finding the perfect bag that keeps my cram organized (at least in theory), spotting my favourite home hair colour on sale (then stocking up clear through Armageddon), and keeping my smile bright despite my daily coffee habit and occasional indulgences of Merlot, berry pies, and grape-flavoured Fruit Roll-ups.

It’s amazing what a great bag, vibrant hair colour, and a Tic Tac-white smile can do for your confidence, no?  According to the second annual Great Canadian Smile Survey (commissioned by Crest and Oral-B), 78% of Canadians consider their smile to be an essential part of their overall appearance—and interestingly, 58% of Canadians expect other people to keep their smile bright too. 

And since, as I mentioned, simple time-sparing solutions are what I consistently need, I was interested to hear about Crest’s new 3D White Whitestrips 2-hour Express: a home whitening product designed to deliver a brighter smile with 1 treatment in 2 hours that lasts up to 3 months.  They’ve updated the Whitestrip structure with optimized notches that wrap and conform to teeth for a better fit, and thickened the ingredient layer to add more enamel-safe whitening compounds enabling the strip to whiten continuously for two hours.

14-day treatments were a problem for me in the past because I was too busy to remember to use them every day, but a single treatment?  Now that’s right up my alley.

Is my tale hitting close to home?  We’re looking for 200 Canadian Product Review Club members to put Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-hour Express to the test.  If you’re interested in participating in this offer, click here to apply for our testing panel by completing this short survey.  We will notify you by email if you have been selected for this opportunity.  Good luck!

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on April 04, 2012  jspaet  322 said:

They made my teeth very sensitive afterwards.

on September 12, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

@Tina - yes, reviewers have been selected and notified.

If you are wondering how to boost your chances of being selected for future review club offers, read this thread:

on September 10, 2011  Tina said:

I was wondering if the reviewers have been chosen yet?

on September 09, 2011  alicia said:

it works wonderful

on August 24, 2011  Crest said:

@ Takoda:
Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2 Hour Express is designed with our Advanced Seal no-slip technology which prevents the strips from moving or slipping off. And because each two hour strip is a one-time application with results that last up to 3 months, you'll see a noticeably whiter smile right away. Thanks for the comments!

on August 23, 2011  bre dale said:

I'd like to try these too

on August 22, 2011  Soogood said:

I would love to try this.

on August 22, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Hi everybody! We're so excited that so many of you have already applied. Obviously not everyone will be chosen, but here are a few great tips to up your chances of being selected:


Good luck!

on August 22, 2011  Fran said:

I would just like to be able to try these.

on August 22, 2011  TexasMom  358 said:

I would love to try this. I also have a wedding comming up and would love to see if it works for me.

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