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Review Club Offer: Maybelline New York The Falsies

| Sunday May 23, 201047 comments
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You’re hip.  Intense. Sassy.  You’re a brass tacks kind of woman who doesn’t want to go halfway – ever!  Makeup that blends into the background?   Not even in your vocabulary. 

Mascara should be more than just a “finishing touch”.  It needs to POP!  Who better to turn to than mascara powerhouse Maybelline New York, the same brand that brought you the beloved Great Lash and more recently, The Colossal?

Maybelline New York introduces The Falsies – a volumizing mascara formulated to highlight individual lashes one by one.  The new spoon-shaped Full Coverage Brush is designed for ultimate product deposit and gap coverage that creates a full fan of lashes to open the eye.  It’s unbelievable instant glam you usually expect only from false eyelashes.  Start with one coat for a defined daytime look, then vamp it up with extra layers for a sultry and sensational evening out!

“I think this is Maybelline's best mascara to date,” says ChickAdvisor co-founder Ali de Bold

Want it?  50 Canadian members of our Product Review Club will put that claim to the test as it hits store shelves in June.  If you are a member of our Club, you will receive an email with instructions on how to qualify for this offer.  Not a member of our Product Review Club yet?  Click here for full details and to sign up.

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on June 30, 2010  sidrah  261 said:

did not get selected for free product but bought it and i think this product is great for the price we pay.

on June 14, 2010  Koonbaboon  234 said:

i didnt get choosen, but it bought it at shoppers, and i love this mascara. it doesn't clump, and it gives lashes a bold look. The brush is very nice too! i also like the bright color of the tube. it thickens lashes and makes them stand out. i guess they're called falsies because they really do enhance the lashes, making them look unreal! i love this product, and would recommend it to all who are looking for a new mascara!

on June 14, 2010  Heidi  6,204 said:

I wasn't chosen for this, but it was on sale at Shoppers last week for $3.99 so I picked it up. And it's great.

on June 11, 2010  cat245  153 said:

Thank you for choosing me !!!! I really need to try this product !!! My eyelashes need a boost ! Thanks !

on June 11, 2010  preet  914 said:

yes... I am getting one. thanks sooo much.

on June 11, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

UPDATE: The selection emails have been sent out. Congratulations to all the lucky selectees! We only notify those who were chosen, but double check your spam box and be sure to add ChickAdvisor.com to your safe list.

For those of you who didn't get chosen this time, don't worry - we have another fabulous offer coming very soon!

on June 11, 2010  takoda  28,648 said:

Were all the emails sent out yesterday, or is there still a chance we might get picked today?

on June 11, 2010  Chick85  1,065 said:

Darn, did not get the magical email - maybe I am too old :) :) :)

on June 10, 2010  izzyb14  323 said:

Yay! I just got the email that I was picked!!! :D

on June 10, 2010  satojoko  2,556 said:

Crap, I never got chosen :-((

Will anybody else be chosen after today??

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