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Stain Removal DIY + Ways To Keep Your Clothes In Tip Top Shape

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday January 9, 201415 comments

Those who know me know that my nickname is 'Human Napkin' because I am ALWAYS covered in stains. Hey, I like to eat and I'm clumsy, and that has it's price. I'm a big fan of the bronzer during winter as well which means that my shirts ALWAYS have a ring of makeup around the collar. Yeah, I know, I'm a mess. 

Luckily, there are some excellent hacks out there for those of us who have some trouble making the fork with food actually go into our mouths. Whether you're looking to get a stain out, need some quick fixes when you're on the go or just looking to keep your clothes in tip top shape, we have you covered: 

Stain Removal DIY: 

Simple and cost effective, it's easy and great to use on food stains. 

Use 1/4 cup liquid dish detergent + 1/4 cup glycerin + 1/2 cup water to make this DIY and get more details and instructions here!

Keeping Your Clothes Lookin' Good: 

Oil Stains: Leave baby powder on the spot overnight then wash accordingly. 

Fuzzies: Your fave fuzzy sweater leaving fluffs everywhere? Put your angora or mohair sweater in a ziploc bag in the freezer for a few hours. 

Wrinkly: Wrinkled blouse and short on time? Multi-task while hanging your blouse on a shower rod and let the steam help out. 

Foundation Stains: Use a light layer of shaving cream to spot treat.     

Fruit or Fruit Juice Stains: Use detergent in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Do not use soap (bar, flake or detergents containing natural soap), since soap-based products could make the stain permanent.

On the Go Essentials:

1. Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover (C$9.97): Obvious. 

2. Static Guard Spray (C$4.19): Great for winter!

3. Black Safety Pins (US$3.40): Use black to seamlessly blend with clothes.

4. Braza Flash Tape (US$7.11): To cover up those gaping buttons so you don't show the goodies!

5. Dryel Starter Kit (C$7.47): Excellent 'in a pinch' or 'running low on funds' substitute for dry cleaning 

Got any stain busting tips for me?
(additional info via bustle.com, sheknows.com)
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on January 13, 2014  crowjane37  4,966 said:

Ahaha I also am a Human Napkin - supposedly you can tell where I've been eating by the crumbs around my plate! and the stains on my permanent "bib" (shirt? I need a dickey...)

For bad deodorant stains where the deodorant seems like its absorbed into the fabric, take a nail brush with shampoo and Scrub. Be mindful of the seems as brushing will cause the fabric to weaken and you might need to snip off a thread or two, but Man this has saved countless shirts for me. None of that pre-made stuff in the store works; elbow grease for the win.

Also, for "other" stains: Nail Polish Remover takes most stains, even completely dried ones, out of your carpet! Make sure your carpet is plastic-based though.

on January 11, 2014  layalxo  2,468 said:

Neat ideas!!

on January 10, 2014  takoda  28,627 said:

I wonder if corn starch would work just as well as the baby powder on oil stains.I wash my husband greasy oily work coat in the bath tub not the washing machine, using Dawn dish soap and it works great!! Just like it does on those poor animal's that get stuck in oil spills.

on January 09, 2014  Creamsicle  45 said:

My Oma (Grandmaa) taught me that if you pour boiling water over ANY fruit stain, it comes out… Works every time!

on January 09, 2014  fredamans  11,274 said:

I keep Tide-to-go sticks around and Resolve.

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