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Statement Jewelry Pose-Off: Guess the "Deal"

| Wednesday September 22, 201044 comments
Statement jewelry can make any simple outfit look grand in a snap.  We tossed out the old "less is more" long ago and prefer bold pieces that relive pleasant memories of pawing through Mom's jewelry box as fashionistas-in-training.  What do you think of our statements?

Cathy's necklace is little more than twisted chains, but we love the feminine flair of this one-time boyfriend jewelry staple. 

Ali's pale yellow bib necklace adds sparkle to basic black - always a good choice.

Jennifer's look is classic and whimsical.

Which statement are you loving?

Now for more fun:  one of our posers bought her piece at a market.  Who was it and which item was she bamboozled into overpaying?  (She's stylish but apparently not the best haggler...)  One of you will win a prize for your correct guess! 

Contest closes on Tuesday, Sept 28.
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on October 06, 2010  Anony Mouse  578 said:

Who wudda thunk? My guess would have been one of Allie's ginormous necklaces.

on September 29, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:


Congratulations, Thormeena! You correctly guessed that Cathy overpaid for her ring and you have won our guessing game prize! We will be contacting you by email for your mailing information.

We drew randomly from all correct guessers. Stay tuned for another fun contest coming soon!

on September 28, 2010  luv2shop said:

I think Cathy overpaid on her ring

on September 27, 2010  assia  1,578 said:

Ali's pale yellow bib necklace

on September 26, 2010  takoda  28,648 said:

How about Ali's beads, I think she could have paid a bit to much for them

on September 24, 2010  Patricia  6,830 said:

I think I'm going to say Ali's shell necklace. It looks like something one might buy in a market on vacation! :) And who can be bothered to haggle while on vacation!!?

They are all beautiful pieces!

on September 24, 2010  Phoenix  300 said:

Ali's bib necklace.

on September 23, 2010  assia  1,578 said:

Jennifer's hairpiece...

on September 23, 2010  sunchicka said:

Ali's yellow bib necklace

on September 23, 2010  babypiggy_83  7,387 said:

i'm guessing Ali's pale yellow bib necklace.

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