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Tip Tuesday: Fight Fading and Keep Hair Colour Strong With This Kitchen Product

Posted by Alexandra C. | Tuesday January 7, 201413 comments

I remember one of my first dye jobs. I decided it would look supa hawt to dye chunks of my dark brunette hair a nice, light blonde. It did not look supa hawt but actually supa awful when that hideous blonde turned into a brassy shade. If only I had known this one trick that uses a common kitchen item to fight those unwanted tones and to keep your shade true to colour. 

Sidenote: Well, actually it still would have looked awful. Because chunky blonde streaks on brunette hair never looked good on me. But hey - hindsight is 20/20, right? 

So, what mysterious product would you find in your kitchen to help your hair colour? 

Food colouring! 

Add a few drops to your shampoo to neutralize tones. Here are the guidelines to follow:

-To neutralize red tone in brunettes mix shampoo with green food colouring

-To neutralize yellow in blondes mix shampoo with violet food colouring

-To neutralize orange mix shampoo with blue food colouring

-To neutralize red/orange in a brunette mix shampoo with blue/green food colouring

-To neutralize yellow/orange mix shampoo with blue/violet food colouring

Got any hair dye tips? Ever made a serious hair dye blunder like me? 

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on March 31, 2020  JessCanadian  2,031 said:

I am so going to try this...wish me ouck

on May 11, 2015  gl0ss  6,194 said:

Interesting! I would have never thought to use food colouring

on April 08, 2015  Sora  4,905 said:

Hm that's interesting. I would definitely give it a shot if I had a current dye.

on September 18, 2014  tarablee said:

What a surprise, but like they say u learn something new everyday. So, im going to have to tell my sister's about this they would enjoy! Thanks for the info...

on January 11, 2014  layalxo  2,543 said:

Interesting!! I don't need these, but I did not know they existed either.

on January 11, 2014  wendyroy  25,293 said:

I am so going to try this...

on January 10, 2014  takoda  28,648 said:

Has anyone actually tried this? I have to make sure any dye I use has ash in it, or my hair turns red. I wonder if this would work on this problem?? I'm really getting sick of only having one shade of brown to choose from!

on January 08, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

If in doubt just try a semi permanent color to start

on January 07, 2014  angelaj20  81,650 said:

I used to use violet shampoo to help combat the orage/yellowness that the blonde starts to turn. I'm kind of tempted to try the violet food colouring. It will sure be so much cheaper than violet shampoo.

on January 07, 2014  fredamans  12,237 said:

Being so dark I am glad that is one hair faux pas I did not do.... if I went blonde it would look ridiculous.

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