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Yay or Nay: Top 3 WORST Red Carpet Looks of 2013 + Comment to Win!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday January 6, 201457 comments

2013 was a doozy for red carpet fashion. Celebs like Kerry Washington, Zoe Saldana and JLaw took the fashion world by storm with their fabulous fashion choices. Plus, it gave us some of the BEST Halloween costumes ever (Miley at VMAS, anyone?). Among the starlets that knocked it out of the park this year, there were a few that didn't fair as well. I'm thinking of three ladies in particular: the aforementioned Miley, Ms. Goopy (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Kanye's main squeeze Kim K. We discussed all three of these ladies, but it's time to bring 'em back for one major all star round of bad fashion! Let's take a look at three of my LEAST favourite and most controversial red carpet looks from 2013, shall we? 

Miley Cyrus and her denim/sweatpant combo outfit 

Is it sweatpants? Denim? It's both! And it's weird. 

Gwyneth Paltrow shows off side butt

Like side boob but with the bum? Apparently it's a thing. 

Kim Kardashian's hideous wallpaper MET gown

Remember how weird this one was? Why so much floral, Kim?
I want you to tell me which one of these you deem the WORST of 2013. Or maybe there's a look here that you're totally into? Let me know! Leave a comment here with your worst of 2013 pick OR tweet us @ChickAdvisor with the hashtag #yayornay to win a prize pack worth C$35.00! 

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on February 07, 2014  claudiach  334 said:

all of them are looking for free publicity thats the idea!

on February 03, 2014  sandhur  28,987 said:

Nay for all 3

on February 01, 2014  mmirandalaurenn  573 said:

Kim Kardashian looks like my grandmothers bed with mascara, ummmmmmmmmm no.

on January 20, 2014  ems001  8,803 said:

So all 3 were a disaster more or less.
Not sure what Kim K was thinking, with that old lady print, especially when she was so pregnant. A little less granny print, and more of a v neck, instead of a turtleneck and that dress would have been beautiful.

GP was trying to be fashionably and she succeeded, although she showed a lot of skin, I think out of the three, this one is the best. Plus she had the body to pull almost anything off.

Miley is still young, so she can get away with almost anything, and while I sort of see her pulling this edgy but cute thing off, I think she should have tried less trends at one time. The leather jacket just kills it even more.

Good luck to them in 2014.

on January 16, 2014  wamwamwam  180 said:

Hey chicks, thanks for playing! This contest is now closed. The winner is... rghuman!


on January 14, 2014  FroggyGirl  988 said:

Miley's was bad, but Gwyneth's was disgusting and offensive. Miley's bad taste can be chalked-up to immature rebellion. However, what's Gwyneth's problem? Mid-life crises?

on January 12, 2014  Jo999  4,257 said:

Kim K's weird wallpaper gown hurt my eyes, it's just so bad

on January 11, 2014  thepinksimsboard  2,314 said:

Some day, when Miley Cyrus wakes up sober, she will agree that she wore the worst outfit on the Red Carpet in 2013. Maybe ever.

on January 11, 2014  wendyroy  25,293 said:

Kim gets my vote...honestly, did she look in the mirror before leaving?

on January 11, 2014  Phoenix  300 said:

Miley's pants look as if they're going to fall off with her next step.

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