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Top 7 Spring 2014 Shoe Trends

Posted by Ali | Monday May 5, 201417 comments
Spring 2014 Shoe Trends
It may seem a little late to post a spring shoe trends piece, but given the harsh, neverending winter we all just survived it didn’t seem right to talk about sexy new spring shoes while still wearing winter boots, parkas and for many of us - a fine, downy layer of leg fur as an extra measure of warmth.

As you retire to your bathroom for an evening of leg waxing with Nair’s Candy Apple Sugar Wax may your senses be titillated with the scent of apple pie and your eyes the shoes I am about to show you.  

Once again everything is in style (except the square toe - May It Never Rear Its Ugly Head Again), so on the plus side if you buy nothing and just dust off what’s in your closet, you are totally in style.  But should you wish to treat yourself to a new pair (and who could blame you) here is what you should be looking for:
Spring 2014 Shoe Trends
1. Metallic
J Crew Cleo Perforated Mirror Metallic Loafers, $198 USD

I love the metallic shoe trend for its versatility. It really does go with everything and works with every shoe style. Even loafers.  

2. Black & White

David Dixon for Town Shoes Colorblock Sling, $135

Shoes with both black and white are very on-trend, but you can go with just black or just white.  My vote? All white is ideal for summer.

3. Stacked Chunky Heels
Nine West Leather Sandal with Blocked Stacked Heel, $135

Thank you, Shoe Trend Dictators, for allowing us another season of comfort and balance.

4. Pointy Toes
Sam Edelman Claire Pumps, $185 at the Bay

Prepare your bunyans for another season of squishing!  But it looks hot so deal with it.

5. Cut Out
Town Shoes Vince Camuto OT Cut Out Bootie, $180

This is another trend I am 100% behind.  Sexy sexy.

6. Oxfords
J. Crew Wing Tip Oxfords, $258 USD

Rarely have I met a manly pair of women's shoes and thought, Yes! I will wear this.  These are no exception.  And yet, ten points for comfort.  These are very comfortable.  
7. Extreme Gladiators
Michael Michael Kors, $398 at Brown’s Shoes

A little edgy, but this is happening.  Wear sunscreen on your legs unless you are cool with mile-high sexy legs on Saturday and crazy-skin-disorder-looking tan lines on Sunday.

Which of these trends are you most likely to wear?
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on May 08, 2014  Steffikah  9,235 said:

Ugh! I've been looking for an affordable pair of the number 7s (gladiators) for a while. Can't find any that will fit my calves (they're umm... athletic! I'm not heavy but they are pretty large for calves lol) or that will adjust to do so, nor can I find something durable that isn't going to totally bust my wallet. Any suggestions?

Definitely happy to see there's a new post from CA. It's been a while and I've been going through withdrawals!

on May 07, 2014  sunnyc  1,229 said:

None of these fit my style except maybe the Sam Edelman pumps!! loving the polka dot and yellow pumps in the top picture, that's more me.

on May 05, 2014  flower  4,433 said:


on May 05, 2014  LittleMonroe1  4,057 said:

I'm loving the oxfords and the pointy toes!

on May 05, 2014  fredamans  12,225 said:

I'm not loving any of those shoes this time around and that's odd being the shoe-whore I am... I'm just not into chunky, two-tone or cut-out.

on May 05, 2014  snazzytank  15,283 said:

I am in LUV with the Cut Outs!

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