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We Love Fridays: 5 Awesome Products for the Coolest Summer Ever

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday May 17, 201311 comments

You probably thought that summer couldn't get any better. I mean it's sunny, how much better could it be, right? 

Well, you were wrong. To help make the most of your summer, we found 5 incredible items to take the season up a level and make it: The. Most. Awesome. Summer. Ever. Seriously. 

1. Springfree Trampoline 11 x 11-ft with Enclosure (C$1299.99) 

2. Coleman Instant Roadtrip Beach Shade (C$109.99)

3. Fredflare Gigantic Donut Pool Float (US$22.00) 

4. Hammacher Schlemmer The Ergonomic Beach Lounger (US$169.95)

5. Banzai Double Drop Raceway water Slide (US$549.99)

Which of these products would make your summer even awesomer?
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on May 23, 2013  roadee  2,181 said:

That waterslide is AWESOME!

on May 21, 2013  anhyalo  988 said:

Donut floaty is so cute!

on May 20, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

When our boy's were little we had a trampoline, but ours wasn't inclosed. It always scared me, but they never did get hurt. Takoda actually liked it more then the boy's did and played on it until we finally gave it away last year.

on May 17, 2013  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

i love that lounger!

on May 17, 2013  Bren  25,339 said:

WOW that slide looks pretty cool

on May 17, 2013  Sassymom  264 said:

WOW anyone of these would be awesome, the double water slide would make me the top mom on the block in my neighborhood. The Beach shade would be so awesome for we go to the lake.

on May 17, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

I NEED THAT CHAIR. I've been looking for one of those forever...perfect for reading while tanning your back haha.

on May 17, 2013  flower  4,433 said:

beach lounger

on May 17, 2013  mirandasivilay  483 said:

I want that donut pool float! Great ideas.

on May 17, 2013  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

That donut pool float is awesome! haha. I love the bite out of it.

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