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Gratuitous Hottie Face Off: Justin Timberlake vs. Adam Levine

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday May 17, 201323 comments

A recent study concluded the following: women find men who play the guitar more attractive. Obviously it's true, because like, you guys, it's like science and stuff. Also, duh. Didn't we all already know this? 

This got me thinking, how long has it been since we did a Gratuitous Hottie Face Off? And shouldn't we talk about some guitar playing men? 

This week, we're facing off two sexy crooner gentlemen: Justin Timberlake (fresh off his new album release) and Adam Levine (of The Voice and Maroon 5). As with all face offs, we'll pit these men against each other in three rounds to judge their hotness. At the end, we'll crown a grand winner and that guy will take home the title of 'hottest of them all'!

Round 1: Who has the coolest tats?

JT: Judging by that large bicep cross Justin is rocking, most of his ink originates from the 90's and his NSync days. 

Adam: Tigers? Lions? Bears? Ohhhhh, myyy! He's pretty covered in tattoos which I'm not always a fan of, but it is working for him. 

Round 2: Best hair? 

JT: Justin has had some questionable hair styles in the past (ramen noodles, anyone?) but sometimes he can really knock it out of the park. Lately he's been wearing it slicked back and longer. I have to say, I've been enjoying the chances he takes. 

Adam: I don't love Adam's hair. I feel like he has major fivehead with his poofy style. It's a signature, but also a bit boring. Switch it up, Adam! 

Round 3: Who is the more dapper gent?

JT: I firmly believe that the only man in the world who can pull off a fedora is Timberlake. He seems to have a large selection of suits and vests and I applaud him for it! 

Adam: Adam isn't a bad dresser, but he could use some jazzing up. He's kind of boring for the most part and a bit cliched. 

Winner: I had a tough time with this one but I think I'm giving it up to JT this week. I think he's so smooth and full of personality and he just has that winning smile! 

What do you think, which one of these handsome gents deserve to win? 
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on June 26, 2013  kmarie  204 said:

why struggle to only choose one... both in my books!

on June 20, 2013  Palmtree74  612 said:

Yep Adam much more appealing!

on May 26, 2013  tobyhir  1,241 said:

Dam! Uh, I mean A-DAM! I do like them both, but since you're making me choose...Levine it is!

on May 24, 2013  Steffikah  9,115 said:

JT won for me on the last one, but Adam had the other two. Winner for me is Adam!

on May 24, 2013  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

Adam Levine. While JT has amazing style and can hit a good falsetto, Adam Levine seems to be a bit more 'real'. His honesty is to be applauded and in regards to staying the same and becoming a bit cliche, well, "why mess with a good thing?" Right?

on May 23, 2013  twitchyq  522 said:

Adam Levine! Even though sometimes he comes off as a dbag, I think he is GORGEOUS.

on May 22, 2013  McKchick  636 said:

I'd take JT over Mr. Levine for sure, but the hottest rock god out there is Brandon Boyd, hands down!!!!

on May 21, 2013  Malixy  2,408 said:

Adam. Always Adam.

on May 17, 2013  smiley_gen  9,740 said:

That's easy...Adam! I love him on the voice but I do LOVE JT's sense of humor....

on May 17, 2013  fredamans  11,534 said:

both... beggars can't be choosers

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