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We Love Fridays: Etsy Spotlight on Indie Jewelry

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday September 14, 20129 comments

I'm a big fan of cheap n' chic costume jewelry. It's inexpensive but uber trendy so when it breaks or tarnishes in the next month, I'm not too upset about it since it'll most likely be out of style already anyway. However, there is something to be said for finding real quality statement pieces that fit your personality. Pieces that you know you won't tire of because of their classic inspiration. 

You might know that I'm a huge thrifting and vintage fan, so when I came across an Etsy shop called Petite Delights by iloniti, I fell in love with the self described, 'shabby chic romantic' vintage style pieces. 

Here's a little taste of what I'm talking about: 

I love the mix of high end looking luxe metals and beads with hemp string for a crafty, rustic feel. The colours are so feminine and beautiful and obviously gold is the best of what is glittering here. It's fresh and modern but very inspired by old school, vintage designs. Prices range from US$14.00 to US$52.00. You can check out the store here.

What do you think of these pieces? Are they something you might wear? 
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on October 26, 2012  bluesparkles  595 said:

The turquoise earrings are really elegant looking. Will give a complete rich and classy look on with a black long dress. ♥

on September 18, 2012  cutie_marlena  3,161 said:

I love these! They're all gorgeous! Unfortunately, I've had trouble with Etsy before, so I won't be using that site anymore. First the site glitched and charged me twice for one item, then when I contacted Etsy they said they couldn't do anything and I'd have to contact the seller for a refund, so I did. The seller, however, claimed that I was only charged once even though my credit card clearly showed 2 charges, and I even called my credit card company to confirm. In the end I got one refund for 2 charges and never received my product. Etsy wouldn't do anything to rectify the issue.

on September 17, 2012  smiley_gen  9,584 said:

I'm loving the last piece! What a beautiful delicate bracelet! I'll be sure to have a look on Etsy!

on September 16, 2012  shanaz  5,826 said:

I love each and every piece above:)


on September 15, 2012  takoda  28,497 said:

Fredamans I'm the same way as you. If its not real gold I can't wear it either. It can be a good thing though. Our guy's can try and buy us anything cheap and try and pass it off as real.LOL

on September 14, 2012  fredamans  11,088 said:

I wish I could wear costume jewelry, but unfortunately I cannot wear anything that is not gold, platinum, silver or titanium.

on September 14, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I love the two turquoise earrings and the gold bangle!

on September 14, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

These are so cute! I especially love the turquoise pieces.

on September 14, 2012  takoda  28,497 said:

I like some more then others. The turquoise and gem
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