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Wedding Hair Tutorial: Royal-Inspired Chignon

Tuesday March 24, 2015 by Catherine

There can never be too many bridal cake & dress reality shows on TV, right? I can't be the only one here who has been guilty of binge-watching these overplayed reruns on weekends...

There's something missing from the mix of these wedding shows though, and that's the focus on the hairstyles! After searching through hundreds of pictures of gorgeous 'dos on celebs and royal brides, we have found...

7 Tips for Budget Brides on their Wedding Day

Wednesday February 19, 2014 by Christina

Weddings are my deep down hidden obsession, please don't tell anyone. My secret wedding board on Pinterest is filled with beautiful dresses, sparkly diamonds and obviously all my decorations. I hope I'm not alone in my wedding planning obsession. Whether you are a bride-to-be or are hoping to one day marry Ryan Gosling, it's never too early to start thinking about some tips and tricks to save some...

15 Vintage Wedding Rings To Drool Over

Thursday February 6, 2014 by Alexandra C.

I'm kind of obsessed with vintage engagement rings. Not in the 'I really want to get married way' because ugh - living with a boy is bad enough. But in the 'I really want something sparkly to look at when I type way' because my fingers are boooorrr-ing. 

I love vintage rings especially because they carry such a unique story to them. While new rings let you create something new with your...

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Monique Lhuillier Fall 2014 Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Wednesday November 6, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Even if you aren't into the whole white wedding, 'I do, forever and forever' thing (like myself), one look at Monique Lhuillier's wedding collection for fall 2014 will turn you into a Pinteresting, ring-envy having bridezilla to be. It's just that beautiful. The collection was inspired by the story of The Secret Garden and it totally comes through in the romantic, feminine fabrics and shapes. The...

5 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding

Thursday July 11, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Since when did weddings become all about the glitz and not so much about the romance? 

You could probably purchase a car with the amount of money spent on weddings. While lavish affairs can be glamorous, sometimes you lose that personal touch (and maybe even your credit score). Scaling down can make your day more intimate and less stressful for when the bills come in.  

Here are a few ways...

Wedding Wednesday: 10 of the Best Over The Top Wedding Proposals

Wednesday July 3, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Though I'm not really the mushy type, I will admit one thing: I love a good proposal story. They're just the perfect expression of love and a couples personality. Whether simple and sentimental or elaborate and extravagant, I can't get enough of them. 

This wedding Wednesday, I scoured the internet to find a few of the best proposal stories, pictures and even some ideas. But who knows, maybe...

Wedding Wednesday: Creating Your Bridal Beauty Kit

Wednesday June 12, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Every bride-to-be knows that being prepared on your big day is of the utmost importance. Not only do you need to plan and co-ordinate caterers, bands and guest seating, but you also need to plan your beauty! This is why brides need to have a bridal beauty kit. Something that contains all the essentials and must haves to keep you looking your very best throughout the long and stressful day...

Wedding Wednesday: Rustic Camp Themed Wedding

Wednesday June 5, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Remember summer camps and how amazingly awesome they were? Imagine if you could capture that summer energy again at your wedding! Camp themed weddings with a country, rustic and laid back atmosphere are a fun and unique way to celebrate your big day.

There are a ton of ways to incorporate this theme into your wedding. They're sure to delight your guests and the best part is, you can totally DIY...

Wedding Wednesday: 10 Wedding Favour Ideas

Wednesday May 29, 2013 by Alexandra C.

As someone who has been to their fair share of weddings, I have it on good authority that wedding favours usually bite the big one. 

Due to my Italian heritage, I've mostly been a guest at Italian weddings and therefore, I have a large collection of useless ceramic figurines. We call them "bombonieres". Does anyone really need a pastel coloured rose with their second cousin and her...

Wedding Wednesday: Rustic and Romantic Flowers for Pinspiration

Wednesday May 22, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Flowers are a huge part of a wedding. A wedding without flowers would just not be complete. They add a sense of fun, whimsy and romance to your big day. Not to mention, they give life and colour to the venue. Flowers also help with the wedding's theme. As we've previously mentioned, the rustic wedding is trending and a country-esque bouquet or arrangement can bring it all together...

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