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Wedding Wednesday: DIY Monique Lhuillier Fall 2014 Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday November 6, 20137 comments

Even if you aren't into the whole white wedding, 'I do, forever and forever' thing (like myself), one look at Monique Lhuillier's wedding collection for fall 2014 will turn you into a Pinteresting, ring-envy having bridezilla to be. It's just that beautiful. The collection was inspired by the story of The Secret Garden and it totally comes through in the romantic, feminine fabrics and shapes. The hairstyles went hand in hand with the theme. Models walked down the runway with gorgeous, detailed braids that had a boho feel to them. They were elegant and super sweet but a matte, textured finish kicked it up a notch. Luckily, these looks can be broken down easily and DIY'd in your own bathroom! 

Antonio Corral Calero, Morrocanoil Artistic Director created two braided looks, both using the same base and gave us the low down on how he did it:  

What to start with: 

1. To begin, I combed all the hair towards the back of the head.
2. I then created three large parts: right, left and back.
3. Each of the three parts became a braid. The right and left sides were inward French braids and the back braid between them was a standard braid, which would serve as the base for the chignon.

Braid #1: 

1. I pulled the left and right braids around the back of the head and then wrapped them several times around the back braid. 
2. They wrapped about halfway down the back braid. 
3. I pinned the bottom part of the braid inwards, towards the nape of the neck and created the chignon. 
4. To give the chignon a more romantic and uneven look, I gently pulled and opened elements of each braid slightly within the chignon.

Using the same base, you can also create Braid #2. Here's the how to from Antonio:

1. I crossed the right braid with the left towards the back of her head, 
and clipped it into place. 
2. Then, I took the back braid and twisted it towards the outside, rolling it towards the crown. I used clips on all three braids at the bottom of the chignon, to hide the ends. 
3. As a final step, to give the chignon a less tight, more romantic and slightly uneven look, I gently pulled and opened elements of each braid slightly within the chignon. 

I absolutely adore these looks for a bride of any season. The braids translate wonderfully for any type of weather. A wedding not in your future? No worries. I think you could totally work this out for any formal event you might have in the future. 

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What do you think of these hairstyles? What type of hairstyle are you looking to have or did you have at your wedding? 

Hair by Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic Director 
Photos by David Webber for Moroccanoil
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on March 12, 2014  sandhur  29,780 said:

Gonna try the 1st one

on March 12, 2014  Diane32  806 said:

I have to try these!

on November 06, 2013  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

Love braid #1!

on November 06, 2013  flower  4,433 said:

I had long flowing hair

on November 06, 2013  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I have done braid #1 before, but it sure didn't look that polished. I'm inspired to try the look again though!

on November 06, 2013  fredamans  12,209 said:

I love braid #1 too! So feminine and chic!

on November 06, 2013  mysticaleyez  6,820 said:

Braid #1 look really good

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