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Would You Wear the Oversized Sweater as a Dress?

Posted by Hafsa | Wednesday October 6, 201015 comments
We’re all too familiar with the “sweater-dress,” but the newest trend takes it to the next level - the oversized baggy sweater as a dress!  Take a look at these celebrity fashion statements...

Throw on a striped, floral or funky-printed baggy sweater and pair it with your favourite tights, leggings or jeggings to stay warm. Here are some of our favourites:
Forever 21 Pointelle Colorblock Sweater, C$29.80
H&M Jumper, C$56

TopShop Knitted Chunky Stripe Jumper, US$80

TopShop Knitted Cocoon Jumper, US$90
French Connection Sydney Knits Beads, C$138

For your lower half, a basic legging or pair of tights will do...
Forever 21C$5.80, Forever 21C$6.80, Forever 21C$12.50, ZaraC$15.90

What do you think of this trend?  Will you wear the oversized sweater as a dress?
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on October 20, 2010  AnnaV  1,018 said:

@Mamaluv, you totally said exactly what I was thinking! I would never wear any of that, even if I had tights underneath. Plus it seems like you'd get really hot, but yet cold without anything covering your legs, that probably sounds silly but that's how I would feel. I've heard many guys say how much they don't like the over sized sweater, too. I'm sure some wouldn't mind the exposed legs though...

on October 09, 2010  xDeepax  332 said:

i've done that before!
i wear tights underneath though. (:

on October 07, 2010  ROSEMARY said:

I really love these dress sweaters.I would wear them with leggings and some I would also wear with a belt.soooo cool.

on October 07, 2010  flowerfaerie  366 said:

Lilly Allen looks terrible, the Olsen girl looks a little silly and Rhihanna looks good. I don't think this trend should stick as most of the sweaters are hideous and anyone larger than XS/S would look frumpy in baggy grandpa jumpers.

on October 07, 2010  docmp  386 said:

yes i do like it n ve worn it ,but i m a petite n dont like bulky stuff...i wore it with black tights,n a similar "french connection" pic u ve ...looks gr8. Wouldn't wear it with see thr' tights though,they ve to be nice n dark:)

on October 07, 2010  KindlyMe  844 said:

I like Rihanna's outfit. I would probably wear one like that. I also like the chunky stripe, it would look great with tights.

on October 06, 2010  Anony Mouse  578 said:

Of the celebrities above I think Rhi-rhi is the only one pulling it off. Sorry to say.

on October 06, 2010  Curls and Pearls said:

I don't think I could pull this off, I'm a petite a huge oversized sweater like that would totally overwhelm me! I'd rather do a sweater jacket/cardigan with a belt, leggings and boots.

on October 06, 2010  Nissa Husain said:

im impressed!

on October 06, 2010  jchang212  106 said:

I think I might just look like a ball of wool if I ever tried this!

OR I could be creative and go with a green sweater and some brown leggings... there you go, instant tree! Chic(?) and eco-friendly :)

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