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Meggings: Yay or Nay?

Monday January 27, 2014 by Christina

Ladies, I love wearing leggings. No matter what anyone says, yes, I say they are pants. Accept it. And guess what? They’re a super comfy pant that can be styled up to be acceptable beyond yoga class. 

Though I love my leggings, I don’t think I would love them on my man. 

Anything that shows off muscles is a-ok by me, but I don’t know how I would feel about him wearing meggings...

We Tried It: Do We Need a Perfume Primer?

Tuesday October 15, 2013 by ChickAdvisor Team

The following is a true story: the other day, sitting at my desk at work, at about 5:30pm, I took a whiff of myself and declared to Miranda: "I don't smell so good." She said, "Um, what?" and I replied: "My skin smells like hummus". It was not a good moment in my life. This is exactly when a product like Canvas & Concrete's perfume primer would have come in handy. 

This perfume...

We Love Fridays: Zombie Perfume + Spooky Scents for Halloween

Friday October 4, 2013 by Alexandra C.

How would you like to smell like a Zombie? Why not? Zombies are sexy right? Kind of on the whole sexy Twilight vampire deal? 

Hmmm, maybe not so much. The stench of the undead might not bring all the boys to the yard. However, if you still want to join in the Halloween spirit, Demeter Fragrance Library has released a few spooky scents that take a surprisingly feminine and fragrant approach to...

Would You Try: The Sloppy Lazy Chic Trend

Thursday June 27, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Major fashion news: being a slob is now cool. 

Seriously. Sloppy, disheveled, hot mess is now a style. And, I'm kind of happy about it. I mean, if I can be comfy and lounge around and still be considered trendy, then I'm a happy (albeit lazy) camper! 

Proving that slob = cool, designers showed loose fitting, draping clothes. Paying an homage to grunge (the ultimate lazy fashion),...

Trending in Fashion: Would You Wear Overalls?

Friday May 24, 2013 by Alexandra C.

Gals, something weird is happening. Something that hasn't happened since the 90's. Overalls are coming back into style. (Gasp!) 

It started last fall 2012, but designers keep trying to make overalls happen. They've even been in the spring/summer collections for 2013:

(left to right) House of HollandMargaret HowellPhillip Lim 3.1 

They've even expanded...

Would You Wear: The Graphic Sweater

Thursday February 21, 2013 by Alexandra C.

When comfortable pieces of clothing become fashionable, I'm happy. I'm still secretly awaiting the time when 90's baggy overalls come back in style. 

So when designers like Jeremy Scott, Kenzo for Opening Ceremony and Balenciaga all showed sweatshirts in their fall/winter 2012 collections, I was on board. It helped that these weren't your run of the mill,...

Trending in Fashion: Would you Wear the Palm Bracelet?

Tuesday August 7, 2012 by Alexandra C.


I came across this bracelet style a few days ago at TopShop and was so perplexed. I just had to share it with you and ask your opinion. I'm calling this bracelet the palm bracelet', though I am not sure you could even classify it as a bracelet. 

It comes halfway down your palm, fitting snugly across, above the thumb and below your fingers. It's almost like you went to...

We Tried It: Press-On Fake Toenails

Wednesday July 18, 2012 by Alexandra C.

You've seen press-on nails, and maybe you've even used them before. But how about press-on toenails? I know what you're thinking: 'What? How do those work? Can you walk in them?' Well, it's exactly what I thought when they landed on my desk. I was so curious to see how these babies looked and felt on but I was apprehensive to test them out. So this week, I let...

We Tried It: The Lip Tattoo

Thursday July 12, 2012 by Alexandra C.

A little while back, we posted this video: a first impression of using the lip tattoo. If you've never heard of lip tattoos before, chances are, you're looking dubiously at your computer screen right now and scratching your head, thinking 'lip....tattoos?'. 

Yes, lip tattoos; and it's exactly what it sounds like. Remember those temporary tattoos you would...

Would You Wear: Uggs On Your Wedding Day?

Thursday June 14, 2012 by Alexandra C.

Love 'em or hate 'em, I think we can all agree that Uggs, at the very least, are a comfortable pair of shoes. While we all may not enjoy the look of them, they do make for a cozy slip-on. But would you ever wear them to a wedding, more specifically, your wedding? 

Most likely, you're reading this now with quite the quizzical look on your face: "Um, excuse me, did you just say,...

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