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We Tried It: Press-On Fake Toenails

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday July 18, 201230 comments

You've seen press-on nails, and maybe you've even used them before. But how about press-on toenails? I know what you're thinking: 'What? How do those work? Can you walk in them?' Well, it's exactly what I thought when they landed on my desk. I was so curious to see how these babies looked and felt on but I was apprehensive to test them out. So this week, I let Miranda be my guinea pig (she does have the nicest nails in the office, after all). We'll show you how to apply them and then we'll let you know if you should try them too! 

Our fake toenails come from the brand imPress which also make some pretty decent fakes for your fingers. The kit comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes so you can find the best size suited for you. They retail for C$8.99-10.99. We're going to be testing out a basic French manicure style but they also come in colours and patterns. 
Tip: Lay your nails out flat so you can easily see the sizes. Then, go through them and test on your toenails for sizing. Once you've found the right sizes, organize them in order so you can go quickly and efficiently! 

The Application: 

#1  Prep: Remove any existing polish. Then, use the prep pad that comes with the kit to remove any excess dirt or oils. If needed, shape your nails with a file. 

#2  Peel: Peel off the plastic backing of the nails. 

#3 and #4  Press: Place the fake nail centered onto your own nail and press down to secure. 

#5  Tip: The smaller toenails have little tabs to easily place on a nail, these just snap off when bent. 

#6  Before and After: On the left, Miranda's new fab fakes. On the right, her bare nails. What do you think of the difference? 

The Final Look: 

The Verdict: We were surprised at just how natural these look. The colour is perfect for Miranda and the nails aren't too large or too long. It looks like Miranda has just come from the spa with a freshly done pedi. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how quick it is to apply these nails. It is literally a pedicure in minutes. They don't last very long because there is quite a bit of wear and tear on your feet, but for a special event or if you're in a rush, these are a great option! 
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on May 20, 2017  Amanda112  25,515 said:

I used these last summer, easy to apply, looked fabulous!
I am going to buy some again for an upcoming wedding!

on June 21, 2015  Sandra Ribeiro  23,260 said:

I need to try these!

on June 21, 2015  Sophie said:

where do i get these? Target?...Walgreens?...

on November 26, 2014  glumbumble  10,038 said:

These look surprisingly nice. And I would be very interested to know if they go directly on skin/scar tissue. I actually had my big toenails removed because they kept going ingrown, so I just have small pinky nail sized square scars in the center of my big toes, instead of an actual nail. I always assumed that pedicures would never happen for me, but maybe these are the answer.

on September 27, 2013  patty36867  382 said:


on March 11, 2013  Melina said:

I absolutely loveeee these things. Yes they come off but so did my big toe nail when I ran into a door! So I lost that nail and here it is spring and it's only 1/4 inch out so I stuck on a nail. It worked and I keep extras but I might keep this up it's prettier than my natural nails!

on November 15, 2012  nscott84  4,013 said:

Pedi pro and I can tell they are fake. Look at the base of the toenail. Sorry.

on August 08, 2012  EdenLovee  407 said:

I personally loved this product... took me 15 minutes but everyone believed I had just gotten a pedicure!

on August 08, 2012  bdeyell86  2,033 said:

I really like the look of them! Very pretty.

on August 03, 2012  thepinksimsboard  2,344 said:

They are a really nice option for a pedi in a pinch!

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