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Yay or Nay: Gwyneth Paltrow's Holiday Shimmer + Comment to Win!

Posted by Renee | Monday December 2, 201377 comments

One of my favourite games to play is 'find the most ridiculous item of clothing at the thrift store'. I always gravitate towards some monstrously sequined 80's piece. Usually I wear my sequins with a touch of irony, but that being said, Gwyneth is bringing back some of the 80's shimmer and I actually kind of dig it. If you're going to go full on sparkly glamour, the holiday season is the perfect time to do it.

(images via tomandlorenzo.com)

The one big issue with Gwenyth's 80's 'more is more' look, is that she gets lost in the holiday décor. Designer Matthew Williamson did some holiday party double duty, designing both Gwyneth's dress and the tree, so I guess that is an explanation for the holiday camouflage.

So what do you think? Does Gwyneth pull off her 80's holiday glitz? Or did she blend in with the Christmas tree a little too much? Comment below with a yay or nay and you'll be entered to win a prize pack full of makeup products worth approx. C$40, that you can use for your own holiday looks.
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on January 16, 2014  Lexus36  1,345 said:

Yay! Thanks so much :D

on January 16, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

Yay!I think she looks great, but definitely not in front of that Christmas tree! haha. I'm always a fan of people who go all out around the holidays. It's so much fun!

on January 16, 2014  wamwamwam  180 said:

Hey chicks! Thanks for playing. This contest is now closed. The winner is... Lexus36!


on December 27, 2013  Anglewings said:

I definately have to say nay to the dress.I love that colour Blue but,there is too much glitter and I guess flowers.It is just too loud for me.For a pretty woman the dress doesn't do her justice at all It is nice to wear a bit of glitter or sparkle over the holidays but this is too much.Gwyneth appears to be camaflouge wwith the tree.I hate to say this but,it's nay to the dress.

on December 22, 2013  lovelydays  3,649 said:

I'd say this is a nay. She looks good, but it just isn't current.

on December 21, 2013  scamp101  1,285 said:

I say Yay! But I'm a child of the eighties, so I'm pretty partial to sequins and rinestones.

on December 20, 2013  dreamer  1,442 said:

NAY but I can't really tell it's full potential 'cos she blend in with the Christmas tree a little too much

on December 16, 2013  jl13  2,859 said:

Nay, I thought it was an "ugly pantsuit" party number. Let that settle in.

on December 11, 2013  jennifer.morse74  2,210 said:

I have to go with nay on this one. Sorry Gwyneth, you can't win them ALL! ;)

on December 10, 2013  Phoenix  300 said:

I like her outfit, but it does clash with the tree.

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