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Review of the Week: Nail Polish (Dec 2 - 8)

Posted by Renee | Monday December 2, 201314 comments

One of the world's easiest pick-me-ups is a set of freshly painted nails. With so many colours to choose from, I find myself mesmerized by the rainbow wall of nail polishes at the drugstore. After one too many impulse drugstore buys I am the owner of an embarrassing amount of pink nail polish in slightly varied tones, a full spectrum of unintentional ombré.

Most chicks have at least a few colours and brands in their nail polish stash, so tell me, which are your favourites? 

One of my personal favourite nail polish brands is O.P.I, and it turns out the CA community agrees. If you are looking for some nail polish inspiration, here are some of ChickAdvisor's top reviewed nail polishes:

1. O.P.I Nail Polish

2. Sally Hansen Xtreame Wear Nail Colour

3. Essie Nail Polish

Ready to share you thoughts? Tell us all about your nail polish collection here. Remember, you need to be a CA member to review, so if you haven't already, then click here to join the family!
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on January 16, 2014  wamwamwam  180 said:

Hey chicks! Thanks for all of your entries. This contest is now closed. The winner is... noodlesmom!


on December 27, 2013  Anglewings said:

I love Sally Hansen hard as nails in Cherry Red.Also another one of her products is Diamond Strength.All of her nail polishes leaves your nails hard and strong,great for anyone who has brittle nails like I do,they are always cracking.With Sally Hansen strong as nails leaves my nails with a luster shine behind every application and that is what I like mostly.

on December 07, 2013  Anjanie777  1,682 said:


Check out my review on Revlon's brand, Sinful Colors.

on December 07, 2013  ameirah said:

i have used the opi & sally hansen, both are great,, lovely colours too

on December 07, 2013  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

I'm a big fan of Essie personally! :)

on December 05, 2013  marica said:

Love the beautiful colour love to have one I have always love bright colour .

on December 05, 2013  mysticaleyez  6,820 said:

Essie Nail Polish!!!!! Love them!

on December 04, 2013  AlexJC  50 said:

@crowjane37 That's so bizarre, I've never heard of anything like that.

on December 04, 2013  crowjane37  5,383 said:

OPI Nicole is the WORST nail polish I have ever used! It goes on nice and the color is great and dries decently etc., HOWEVER as soon as you plunge your hands into a sink with Sunlight dishsoap, it turns white then strips right off! I know, "use gloves" but I don't - I'd rather feel the dish becoming clean.
Unfortunately it is so expensive and now a total waste to own. Also, other, less-good dishsoaps have hardly any effect. I think it's Sunlight's awesome greasepower.

on December 03, 2013  ems001  8,803 said:

Done =)

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