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Yay or Nay Red Carpet Style: Kat Dennings vs. Natalie Portman Plus Comment to Win!

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday October 28, 201384 comments

I don't know a whole lot about superheroes or any sort of comic book-esque related type thing. I guess that sentence is pretty convincing evidence in itself. Growing up, I was never really introduced to them, so to this day they still elude me. In fact, the only way you can convince me to watch anything Superhero related is if there is some story beyond explosions and fighting, if the hero happens to be a hottie or if the leading lady werks some major fashion and beauty. As is the case with Thor. Not only is Natalie Portman the main squeeze to Chris Hemsworth's Thor, but the voluptuous Kat Dennings is her sidekick. 

Walking the red carpet for the film's premiere, both ladies looked gaw-geous, and if I could, I would crown both ladies 'the most beautiful princess ever'. However, this is Yay or Nay and we are ruthless: we need to decide which chick rocked the red carpet the best.
Leave a comment below with your yay or nay choice by November 3rd and you could win a prize pack worth C$35.00 with some products to help you achieve your own red carpet glam look! 

#1 Kat Dennings 

Damn gurl. Those puppies are out and about. And you can't blame her! Let this be a lesson to us all: if you got 'em, flaunt 'em. She's wearing vintage Lanvin so it makes sense that this has a decidedly old school feel. But I'm not crazy about the handkerchief hemline and asymmetrical-ness of it. While the velvet/metallic combo could come off as garish, I don't actually mind it. I do think she should have gone a little more glamorous here. The makeup is sophisticated, but the hair needs a little somethin' somethin'. Maybe some old school huge waves or curls and a side part to match the dress? It's a bit messy and needs some classin' up! (via tomandlorenzo.com)

#2 Natalie Portman  

Is this dress a spring meadow or a brisk fall day? It kind of reminds me of both and I like it. It's such an adorable dress. I love the sheer overlay and embroidery and the cut is great. I think a midi is definitely the 'it' skirt this season. My only issue? Natalie is so petite that this makes her seem so young. I love when she gets all gussied up and looks like a legit adult. This seems childish to me. That being said, she still looks incredible and this hair looks incredible on her. (via tomandlorenzo.com)

So chicks, which lady won the week? Natalie or Kat? Leave a comment with your choice below and you could win!
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on January 10, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I love Natalie Portman's dress. Yes, it does make her young - but most women WANT to look younger.. So, I don't see anything against it. She looks fab! Kat's dress ---- No.

on November 18, 2013  reneemichelle  229 said:

This contest is now closed. The winner is . . . torontogirl84! Congrats! Thank you to everyone who entered!

on November 04, 2013  Gitty99  5,558 said:

Love Natalie's natural look, sexier than over exposure.

on November 03, 2013  ellstar  4,889 said:

Natalie, but only barely. The dress is flirty and simple but her hair looks so dead and greasy, I just don't like Kat's dress.

on November 01, 2013  The Pink Panther  1,597 said:

Kat rocks her look (I agree about the hair though) and LOVE her lip.... but my vote is for NATALIE! The dress is so simple and elegant and she looks lovely!

on November 01, 2013  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

I find Natalie to be continuous in her outfits, as in she pretty much wears "pretty" all the time, so for me, this is not anything different for her. While going classic is a classy move, sometimes it appears as though you want to "look younger or older" (whichever you prefer at the time.) Kat looks classy but daring, and I think considering this a Marvel's Comics Superhero film, Kat looks the part! The top black looks like something a female Superhero could rock in that style, and the bottom is a classic in style, but daring with the gold. I think they both look their best, and I understand Natalie plays a demure wife in the film, but I think something out of the ordinary for her, would be very SUPERHERO like. Kat wins my vote for this one...~

on November 01, 2013  Steffikah  9,235 said:

Ick. Not a fan of Kat's dress... if there was no gold attachment to the bottom I'd love it, but alas...

Guess this week goes to Nat!

on November 01, 2013  jl13  2,874 said:

Kat wins over Nat for me! Kay is much more fashionable in Lanvin than Nat's net of loose leaves!

on October 31, 2013  Mah_kal  5,634 said:

Natalie, simple and elegant.
Kat's dress could have had some definition.

on October 31, 2013  dawnbon  529 said:

I love the simple, classy feel of Natalie's look.

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