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make-up junkie

  Member Since:  March 30, 2007
I am a certified make-up junkie working as a make-up artist to feed my addiction. I am a freelance artist working in the fashion and beauty industry. I also love writing for my blog Makeup Junkie and giving readers the 411 on everything beauty. I love creating beautiful images but I think I love the act of buying make-up even more! As young as 4 I can remember being obsessed with my mother's make-up and carrying it around in my purse. When a new product comes out I'm already looking for something newer and better. I have more make-up than I can handle but I justify it by using my career as an excuse.

What inspires me everyday is my handsome husband and baby boy. Creative people, art and photography, music, beautiful skin, inner beauty, love, laughter, kindness, and genuineness all inspire me.

To view my online portfolio visit www.makeupjunkie.ca

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2024-05-18 16:11:24

April 02, 2010 

Hey makeup junkie. I just wanted to ask: Have you ever tried Vichy's Dermablend Concealer? I heard it was pretty good, but =/

Anyways, I love you and your site. Keep it up!

2024-05-18 16:11:24

December 18, 2009 

Thanks Joy! I'll remember your suggestions next time I hit a make-up store. :D
 Great Advice

2024-05-18 16:11:24

December 14, 2009 

Thanks so much Joy! I did ask Shoppers if they carry it and apparently they did, but they sold out. And since its a limited edition, it seems I'm out of luck. I even went to Sephora today and they had sold out as well. I will check out Murale though, I didn't even know my points could still count there. Thanks so much!! Merry Christmas!
 Great Advice

2024-05-18 16:11:24

December 13, 2009 

Hey Miss Joy!
I have a question for you ... I read your review of the Benefit Celebutante Make-up kit and I am now obsessed with getting it, except I can't find it anywhere! I have checked a bunch of Shoppers Drug Mart's but no one seems to have it ... I want to use my optimum points cause its the only way I can justify my little Christmas present from me to, well, me ha ha ... any idea where I can find it? Thanks!!

2024-05-18 16:11:24

August 12, 2009 

Hey Joy.
Me too! It will be fun. The more the merrier : ). Too bad it'll only be a few days for this summer. But I'll be back haha. See you in a few weeks.

2024-05-18 16:11:24

May 20, 2009 

I wanted to add a chickadvisor badge to my blog...but I figured it out already, no worries! :o)

2024-05-18 16:11:24

May 14, 2009 

Hey Joy, I was wondering if you could help me with something...how do you add a badge or link from your own blog to your chickadvisor page? I can't figure it out and i am trying! Thanks!

2024-05-18 16:11:24

October 15, 2008 

Yes Joy -- I will be there at the CA ShopCrawl tomorrow night! Can't wait to see you, it's been a while! I hope to get a free makeover too.. hahaha! :D

I'm excited for tomorrow ! See you then! XO - Mich
 Good Writer

2024-05-18 16:11:24

October 04, 2008 

Hey Joy! I just wanted to say hello! I hope all is well. I have a quick advice question...how and with what do you clean your makeup brushes? I just recently bought a Platinum foundation brush from Sephora and do not know what to clean it with etc... Anyhoo, I hope all is well! Take care!

2024-05-18 16:11:24

October 02, 2008 

Joy, I watched your make up video so many times on CA! I love how you made it simple and easy to understand! Great job... and thank you for the great advice!

Let me know if/when you get my card in the mail (I sent it more than a month ago now).. I am afraid that stupid Canada Post may have lost it... : (
 Great Advice